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New Cars Coming in 2019

New Cars Coming in 2019


From press releases and industry information, we know that in 2019, there will, on average, be a completely new or heavily revised and improved car released every three days; motoring writer, John Swift, previews just some of the arrivals for 2019.

New Cars for 2019

From press releases and industry information, we know that in 2019, there will, on average, be a completely new or heavily revised and improved car released every three days.

Why? Well consumer confidence has taken a Brexit battering and the industry is fighting numerous headwinds, but it’s fighting back in the way it always has – by putting new cars in the showrooms that people just can’t resist buying.

Here motoring writer John Swift previews some of the arrivals he’s most looking forward to in 2019.

Some cars come with images, but some are being kept heavily under wraps and there are no images available as yet!

3 Cars to Watch in 2019

Honda Urban EV

We’ll see plenty of electric versions of familiar looking hatchbacks coming this year, but none will look like the Honda and most probably none will make such an impact.  This is a car designed from the wheels up as an electric vehicle, so there’s none of the compromise of taking a petrol chassis and modifying it.

White Honda Urban EV concept car at Frankfurt motor show

This is a compact, easy-to-park city-biased four door super-mini, around the same size as the Honda Jazz and that is significant, because until now electric vehicles (EV) have tended to be pitched at the upper end of the car market to help justify their price tag.

When this car arrives, towards the end of 2019, the Urban EV will not be cheap, perhaps around the high £20,000s mark (although this is yet to be confirmed), but it will prove to the motoring buyers that EVs can be just as suitable for parents on the school run, as they are for the business execs in their big, premium cars. We can expect a range of around 150 miles and given that the average daily drive in the UK is just 23 miles that should be more than enough.

One other thing the cute looking Honda will do – it can be `friendly’.  Where the radiator grille would be on a normal car, the Urban EV has been shown with a screen between the centrally placed Honda logo and the headlights which can be lit with messages, whether that be to pedestrians saying it is safe for them to cross the road, saying hello or even giving messages to other drivers – hopefully polite ones – and how cool will that be!

White Honda Urban EV with message on front grille screen

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Vauxhall Corsa

Now that Vauxhall is part of the PSA (Peugeot Citroen) group the Corsa will be mechanically similar to the also-new-for-2019 Peugeot 208, but is the more significant of the two for the simple reason that it has to be a success for Vauxhall which is desperately trying to restore its image and reputation as Britain’s favourite British brand.

That might be hard to achieve given that (a) many people recognise that it is French owned and (b) it is entirely possible that its Ellesmere Plant in Cheshire is under threat of closure which would likely tarnish its `built-in-Britain’ appeal.

UK buyers have always loved the Corsa, but this sixth generation one must deliver like never before. Sharing the 208 underpinnings is a good start and insiders promise us a very much bolder look inside and out than Vauxhall’s norm for the supermini.  It will have the 1.2 litre three cylinder engine at launch, but an electric version will follow soon after.

No images currently available.

Porsche Taycan

2019 will be a big year for Porsche with its all-new 911 and facelifts/upgrades on several other models, but it will be the Taycan which gets the attention because this is its first ever electric vehicle, not a hybrid, but a four door saloon designed and built to only have battery power. The Taycan is a big departure for Porsche and while everyone knows the future is electric the question to be answered is whether buyers of a specialist, sporty car like a Porsche want to hang onto their charismatic fossil fuelled cars or are content to whizz silently around on electricity.

For Porsche and parent company VW’s sake, the answer had better be that they’ll embrace green power. The systems powering the four-door Taycan will also be used in other VW group products, notably Bentley and the larger Audis and in that sense the Taycan is going to be one of the most important new cars of 2019.

White Porsche Concept Mission-eThe Porsche Mission-e forms the basis of the Taycan.

SUV Coming in 2019

Land Rover Defender

Lin-up of iconic Land Rover Defenders on a cobbled street

Who would want to be in charge of replacing one of the most iconic and long-lasting vehicles yet built? Well, that’s the task of the Land Rover team which this year will reveal to the world the all-new Defender.

Details remain scarce but insiders suggest that (a) it will be even more capable off-road and few thought that possible or necessary, (b) that it will be much more sumptuous inside, more Range Rover than Land Rover in that respect and (c) it will be priced from around £30,000.

The new Land Rover Defender in camouflage caught on manouveres in the forest

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Aston Martin DBX

When the company floated on the stock exchange last year many thought its initial asking price per share was overly optimistic – is the DBX the reason why it had such confidence in making serious profit?

Aston Martin DBX prototype on rough terrain

Lamborghini now has a luxury/performance SUV, Porsche has had the Cayenne for several years, Ferrari is readying its hybrid SUV for 2020 and the DBX is Aston’s version. Built around an all-new chassis rather than a modified version of its coupes, the DBX will be launched this autumn with a twin-turbo V12 and a V8 petrol. Performance will be guaranteed – as will hefty fuel costs!

Nissan Juke

(In July 2018, and eight years after it was launched, the 1,000,000th Nissan Juke rolled off the assembly line at Sunderland. Its `Marmite’ looks still divide opinion, but no one can deny that this was a sector-starting car, the first of what are now so many small cross-overs; that other manufacturers saw its startling sales success and were forced to follow suit says all you need to know about the appeal of this car. The new Juke will have even edgier styling, some Nissan Micra mechanical components and a much updated interior.

The millionth Nissa Juke rolls off the Sunderland production line

This second generation Juke will have a lot more competition to face than the original, which has fallen behind the class standard. Will it be good enough to rise to the challenge? A lot of UK jobs could depend on it.

Audi Q4

There can’t be many gaps left in the car market for Audi to plug, but the Q4 achieves that and with an intriguing and decidedly attractive shape; because while this is an SUV with the trademark raised ride height, its distinguishing point is the coupe shape with a dramatically sloping roofline making it a lot sportier and athletic looking than some of its boxier rivals.

Audi rarely puts a foot wrong and the Q4 has `winner’ written all over it; watch out Range Rover Evoque!

Orange Audi Q4 stationary

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Hatchbacks Coming in 2019

Volkswagen Golf

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - which is why at first glance the eighth generation VW Golf will look pretty like the one which went before it. Under its evolutionary styling though will be a whole new suite of eco-engines, interconnectivity and perhaps even a fully digital dashboard where switches and dials are replaced by touchscreen commands.

The Golf will be a little bit wider and longer with more room inside. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

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Electric vehicles (EV) Coming in 2019

Audi E-tron

Breaking new ground for Audi with its first electric car, the E-tron is the brand’s answer to the Jaguar I-Pace and upcoming Mercedes equivalent.  Audi is talking of a 250 mile range and a price tag of around £71,500. It’s not so much just another SUV in a market saturated by them that makes the E-tron interesting, but that it’s in the vanguard of the next generation of them driven by battery alone..

Metallic blue Audi e-tron driving away side on

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Tesla Model 3

With its flamboyant billionaire founder and hitherto leader, Elon Musk, Tesla made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2018, but 2019 could see its cars do the talking and in particular the Model 3.  Until now Tesla has been selling relatively expensive cars in relatively small numbers in the UK but the £35,000 (or so) Model 3 could change all that. Depending on which version you go for, it will have a 220 or 300 mile range, family-car practicality and bring EVs within a far wider range of buyers than before.

SIlver Tesla Model 3 driving in lovely countryside

Nissan LEAF

Take the people who pretty much invented the family EV, sprinkle in some of the sharp-edged styling which defines modern Nissans; add technology which has improved so much in practicality as to be only distantly comparable to the original, and you have the ingredients for one cracking new car.

We will see it at the end of 2019 by when the market will be even more ready to accept EVs.

Sports Cars Coming in 2019

Porsche 911

The spotlight will be on the Porsche Taycan, but traditional enthusiasts will be delighted to see the classic 911 reinvented and brought up to date. Iconic styling, powerful engine in the back, rear or four-wheel drive…what’s not to like?

Toyota Supra coupe/BMW Z4 soft top

As well as making its staid, but sensible family hatchbacks, Toyota occasionally lets rip with a cracking sports car. The Celica is one such, but the new Supra should be another. Reviving a famous name after an absence of 17 years, this car has been co-developed with BMW which will badge its version as the Z4).

New silver BMW Z$ in rugged countryside

Expect fireworks from the 3.0 litre BMW engine, brilliant front engine/rear-wheel drive handling and Toyota’s build quality. The Supra is a hard top, the BMW a soft top. Pricing for the SUpra will start at £52,695.

New brands Coming in 2019


`What?’ will be the probable response of most people when they hear that a `Polestar’ will be arriving late this year. Well, Polestar has been the performance division of Volvo (yes, there is one) for many years, but the significance of this car is that it is taking that into a different level altogether.

For one thing, the Polestar1 coupe is likely to have a six-figure price entry point and with its partly carbon-fibre chassis and the best part of 600 bhp from its hybrid power unit it will be Porsche-quick and Bentley-priced.

Grey Polestar 1 on test on country road

A saloon (Polestar 2) and SUV (Polestar3) are set to follow – but only, one assumes, if this car can sell in numbers that make sense for the Chinese owners of Volvo, the Geely corporation.


2019 sees the final stage in the development of what was SEAT’s sporty arm into a full-blown brand of its own with the arrival of the CUPRA models. Sold from just 25 specially selected retailers, of which Swansway is proud to be one, in the UK and only 277 in the whole of Europe, these are stand-alone cars.

CUPRA has its own dedicated area within a SEAT showroom, the cars’ emphasis will be on performance and luxury and to distinguish them they have their own copper-coloured logo, reinforced with the CUPRA badge in various elements of the car such as the rear bumper, lower front grille and of course, inside.

The first is the just-launched £35,900 CUPRA Ateca, an SUV capable of topping 150 mph which takes care of the performance criterion and a leather/Alcantara ultimate spec trim which ticks the `luxury’ box. It has, says CUPRA, the highest performance of any SUV available outside of premium manufacturers and that gives you a flavour of what to expect from CUPRA this year.

CUPRA Ateca showing new CUPRA stand-alone brand badge


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