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New Car Indicator?

New Car Indicator?


Caught by the fizz – Police pull over HGV driver after Lucozade bottle found in place of indicator

Recycling should be widely encouraged but one HGV driver’s attempt at reusing a bottle landed them in trouble.

Traffic officers for West Yorkshire Police stopped this large goods vehicle on the M62 near Bradford on Saturday for a number of issues – including the use of a Lucozade bottle in place of an indicator.

Closer inspection also revealed the HGV to be ‘a tad overweight’, a brake light not working, a smashed wing mirror and a cracked windscreen.

According to a tweet from ‘Traffic Dave’, who posted images of the vehicle online, the driver was fined an undisclosed sum and prohibited from leaving until the weight issue was resolved.

One user asked what the driver would get for the offence – to which the officer replied ‘Hydration and lots of energy!’.

Traffic Dave did confess to being impressed by the likeness the Lucozade bottle had to an indicator lens, replying to one user with “It was a good colour match to be honest!”.

Another user said: “Did you ask him to ‘pop’ down to the station for a quick interview?”.