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New all-electric Citroen C4 Cactus on the way

New all-electric Citroen C4 Cactus on the way

By Swansway Motor Group 12-11-2018


The all-new model is destined to arrive in 2020

A next-generation all-electric Citroen C4 Cactus is due to arrive in 2020, becoming the latest electric only car in the firm’s range.

It’ll be the first all-electric car from Citroen since the C-Zero and, according to Auto Express, is part of a plan to electrify its entire range by 2025.

The new Cactus will be based on PSA Group’s Compact Modular Platform (CPA). This is capable of full electrification, though the next-generation will be offered with conventional petrol engines as well as an all-electric powertrain.

Citroen has said that it will be showcasing an all-electric concept at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, forming one of two new cars to be unveiled at the event.

The first car is said to retain ‘the spirit of the 2CV’, with Arnaud Belloni, Citroen’s senior vice president of global marketing communications telling Auto Express: “If the original 2CV was for farmers and people who live in the country, our new concept will be for city dwellers”.

The new concept will come as part of Citroen’s centenary celebrations next year.

The brand has already revealed its C5 Aircross Hybrid Concept, which gives an indication of the electrified future the French firm is pushing towards.

The concept, which is a plug-in hybrid version of Citroen’s upcoming SUV, makes up part of the firm’s ‘Core Model Strategy’, which will lead to 80 per cent of the company’s range having an electric version by 2023, and 100 per cent by 2025.

It uses a combination of petrol engine and an 80kW electric motor, and can travel up to 31mph on electric power alone.

Both send power to the wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which incorporates a ‘Brake’ model to slow the car down without having to use the brake pedal at all. More details are due to be released when the car is revealed in full.

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