Swansway Chester Citroen’s Service Manager, Mike Casson is back in the driving seat where he belongs!

Mike was originally Service Manager at our sister dealership, Swansway Peugeot on Sealand Road, but, sadly was forced to leave when his Crohn’s disease became too debilitating for him to manage.

Mike explains,

My Crohn’s disease had really flared up badly in 2014 and by October I was in a really bad way; I had a massive operation where part of my stomach, almost all my colon, my gallbladder and appendix were removed. After three months off work I tried to go back, but it was no good, I just couldn’t perform at the level I was used to; I pride myself in doing in a great job and I just wasn’t able to do that and for me that meant I had to resign and focus on getting myself well

Rest and recuperation were in order for Mike who was then offered a lifeline, a new drug, which is still in a type of semi-trial, known as Humira, it’s anti TNF, which in layman’s terms tricks your body into thinking you’re fine and stops the crippling inflammation of the gut associated with Crohn’s.

I didn’t realise how much better I was, until I started helping my wife out in her job at a local lettings agent; I found myself running around, organising this, that and the other, until it dawned on me that maybe as I was well enough to tackle the job I loved. One phone call later I was sat talking to Andrew Wakelin, the Swansway Chester Operations Director and my old boss and now here I am, in this fabulous new Swansway Citroën site and I can honestly say I’m loving it

Though Mike originally worked with the Peugeot brand, he’d helped out at the previous Swansway Citroën and FIAT site located in Huntington, so was familiar with the brand, the only difference now are the fabulous new premises.

Delighted Andrew Wakelin, Swansway Chester Operations Director commented,

Mike is one of the good guys, he’s a great Service Manager and when he had to leave I was gutted for him. Now, he’s like a new man, he’s definitely fitter and stronger than I am and I’m just delighted to have him back, doing what he does best

Mike added,

I can’t put into words how happy I am to be back, thanks to our brilliant staff we absolutely smashed our May target and I was totally elated. I’ve got my self-belief back and I’m loving life

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