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Me and My Car: Tim Henman

Me and My Car: Tim Henman


We asked retired British professional tennis player Tim Henman all about himself and his car

What was your first car?

My first car was a Peugeot 306 XSI, and I bought it brand new from a garage on the Chiswick roundabout on the A4 towards Heathrow, and I was properly chuffed with it. Cost me £13,000.


Good times with it?

Yeah it was a good car. The problem for me and for other professional tennis players is that you’re travelling a lot and at that stage I was 19 and I was away 35 to 40 weeks a year, so there wasn’t that much time with it. But when you’re driving to and from practice or going to tournaments in this country then it was useful.


What are you driving at the moment?

Tim Henman behind the wheel of a car

I should be changing it today to another Jaguar F-Type. I’ve had a few of them now. It’s not particularly practical on the school run with three children. My wife has a Range Rover so that is a bit more useful with three kids.


Have you got any dream cars?

Tim Henman talking to tennis players

Not really. It’s a great combination for me, as I really enjoy driving the F-Type for the sportiness and everything that goes with it. I can get my golf clubs in the back, so that’s me happy. As a combination though, I would happily have a Jag and a Range Rover for a long time to come.

I’ve gone for the V8, so I’m not sure how popular it is around the village if I leave earlier in the morning.


Have you gone on any road trips with it?

I’ve done some longer trips to Leeds, Devon and Cornwall in my F-Type. In terms of a road trip, with Jaguar, we launched its XF Sportbrake in Stornaway on the island off the north-west of Scotland.

It was a fun day we spent up there, driving around those roads that are pretty up and down and windy. But I do a lot of miles, coming here (Wimbledon) for committee meetings or different commitments.


Are there any road trips that you’d like to do?

Tim Henham in the middle of a conversation

I’d love to do the west coast of America. The longer trips we’ve done in the Range Rover when we’ve gone skiing, driving to the Alps. That’s a good trip.


Who is DJ in the car?

The kids have control usually. When I do get a chance, it’s Ed Sheeran or Coldplay or Avicii… But with an 11, 13 and 15-year-old we don’t get much say. Whatever they’re listening to.


Do you think you’re a good driver?

Yes I think so. I was just asked if I’ve had any accidents and I’ve had one in 25 years driving. I rolled into the back of someone doing about 10mph outside Pangbourne. It wasn’t a bad one, so touch wood it stays that way.