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Lost and trapped kitten rescued from car engine

Lost and trapped kitten rescued from car engine


A lost and trapped kitten has been rescued from an engine — with calls to reunite the feline with its owner.

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh found the black kitten, who is believed to be around just seven weeks old, trapped underneath a car bonnet in Llandegfan, Menai Bridge on November 24 after a caller reported hearing crying from the vehicle.

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After opening the car’s bonnet to further investigate, Pugh found himself engrossed in a game of hide and seek with the kitten but was able to successfully rescue it.

Pugh said:

“The caller heard the sound of a kitten crying out from under the bonnet of her car, but when they lifted up the bonnet the kitten quickly hid in a space behind the engine.

“As the car is normally locked away in a garage the caller believes the kitten may have hitched a ride when she went to Waitrose the day before. This kitten was scared and was visibly shaking, so it was a relief to finally be able to get her out of the engine.”

Local RSPCA inspectors have now given the kitten the nickname Rose, in honour of the supermarket chain where the owner of the vehicle was likely heading when the feline hitched a ride.

The charity has launched an appeal for more information on the kitten, as it was not microchipped meaning an owner could not be traced. Anybody that can assist has been asked to call 0300 123 8018, otherwise she will be made available for rehoming in the near future.