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Looking to downsize your car?

Looking to downsize your car?


Need a more compact runaround? Here are some of the best.

Looking to downsize? These could be the right cars for you

Sometimes too much space can be a bad thing. It’s often the case that people find themselves with a car that is a little too large and bulky for their needs. 

And, in a time of such great disruption, more people are likely to be looking to get a handle on their finances too.

Downsizing your car, therefore, is a great way of achieving both - reducing size, and reducing cost, too.

Here are some of the best cars to do that:

Volkswagen Golf

It’s hard to go wrong with a VW Golf, don’t you think?

Yellow Volkswagen Golf

Surprisingly practical yet neatly packaged, Volkswagen’s most famous model is ideal for those people who want a car for all occasions.

It’s got more than enough space for five, while the boot is decent too. Reasonably compact proportions mean it’s not too tricky to park, either, while the latest MK8 model is brimmed with tech. 

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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is another model synonymous with low-cost, good value motoring.

White Honda Jazz

There’s now an all-new model, too, which only looks to build upon its predecessor’s excellent reputation. It even looks sharper.

The Jazz’s party piece has always been its packaging. Despite its dinky proportions, it affords its owners tons of interior and boot space. Plus, it’s a breeze to park thanks to those compact dimensions.

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DS 3 e-tense

The DS 3 has been a popular option in the compact car segment for some time now, but the manufacturer has seen fit to move with the times and introduce an all-electric version. 

Silver DS etense

It means that not only are you downsizing in terms of outright footprint, but an all-electric powertrain will help with the monthly fuel bills too. DS claims up to 206 miles on a single charge, too.

Seat Arona

SEAT is a company that knows a thing or two about making dependable small cars and it’s now applied this expertise in the compact SUV segment with its new Arona.

Orange SEAT Arona

It’s based on the Ibiza - which means it’s small - yet it gets the raised-up driving position which people love.

Available with a range of efficient engines, the Arona represents a great way to downsize without losing fun. 

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Audi A1

If you’re fancying a more premium approach to downsizing, then the Audi A1 is the car for you.

Yellow Audi A1

The smallest vehicle in the firm’s range, the A1 offers everything people love about Audi models but on a much smaller scale.

It’s impeccably well made, good to look at and surprisingly good to drive too. Plus, a Citycarver version gives people a chunkier, more go-anywhere looking option too. 

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Peugeot e-208

Another electric car enters the downsizing fray, and this time it’s the Peugeot e-208.

Blog Peugeot e208

This is a compact electric car which punches well above its weight thanks to its stylish looks, solid interior and impressive range - Peugeot claims up to 211 miles, in fact.

Yet at the heart of it you’ve still got a compact, easy-to-park hatchback - and one with much-reduced running costs, too. 

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Fiat 500

Immensely popular, the 500 is a great option for those looking for a stylish way to downsize.

Cream Fiat 500

Unashamedly retro, the 500 is a car made for urban environments which suit its peppy petrol engines down to the ground. 

It too is set to be joined by an electric version - though this is due to arrive next year - but for now, the 500 remains a great choice just as it is. 

used Fiat 500

If you're looking to downsize your car, you can search over 2,000 New and Used vehicles in stock today. 

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