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Leaving dogs in cars can be potentially dangerous all year round, experts warn

Leaving dogs in cars can be potentially dangerous all year round, experts warn


Temperatures in cars can be lethal to dogs at all times of year

The temperature inside a car can be dangerous for dogs at all times of year, even in winter, according to experts.

Dog welfare researchers from Nottingham Trent University monitored the temperature inside vehicles every day for two years.

Every month of the year recorded temperatures in excess of 25 degrees, which could be dangerous to breeds with flat faces, such as pugs and bulldogs.

Although most dogs will be comfortable at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees, this depends on the breed, coat length and fitness, as well as a variety of other reasons.

Leaving the dog in the car was most dangerous between April and September, when temperatures above 35 degrees were recorded, while 4 to 5pm was typically most dangerous during a day.

Dogs are particularly vulnerable in cars because they must pant to regulate their body temperature, but this is more difficult in an enclosed space due to humidity and lack of air movement inside a vehicle.

Dr Anne Carter, a researcher at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, and first author on the study, said: “Our work shows an even bigger risk to leaving dogs in parked vehicles than previously thought.

“People assume the risk is only midday during the summer, when in fact cars can reach potentially dangerous temperatures all year round, with late afternoon the hottest time period.”