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Latest Fiat Motability Deals

Latest Fiat Motability Deals

By Swansway Motor Group 01-07-2019


Fiat Motability Chester offers a hassle-free route to car ownership for anyone in receipt of mobility allowance. For a range of fiat models, take a look!

Get on the road with our latest offers at Swansway Chester Fiat Motability

Fiat Motability Chester can help disabled drivers exchange their mobility allowance for a fabulous Fiat. Here, at Swansway Fiat, we have dozens of models for you to choose from. 

Which Fiat Cars  are available on the Motabilty Scheme?

  • Fiat 500: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat 500C:From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat 500L: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat 500X: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat Panda: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat Qubo: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat Tipo: From £0 advance payment
  • Fiat Tipo SW: From £0 advance payment

At Fiat Motability Chester, we have many models available with no advance payment. When you choose a car on the Motability scheme you’ll also get insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing and maintenance included in the price you pay.

The Motability scheme really does offer everything you need for stress-free car ownership.

Discover Fiat Motability Offers

Fiat 500

Motability vehicles certainly don't need to be boring, and you'll struggle to beat the fun and fashionable Fiat 500 on style.

We have 21 different models of Fiat 500 for you to choose from, with many having nil advance payment. The TwinAir models are particularly fun to drive and being compact, parking is always a breeze with the 500.

For more information on the Fiat 500 at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Red Fiat 500 parked outside an officeBrowse Fiat 500 Motability Offers

Fiat 500C

If you love to draw attention wherever you go, then check out the Fiat 500C. With gorgeous good looks, you'll certainly turn heads with the soft top down on a sunny summer's day.

You'll be spoilt for choice with the 23 different models we have available for you on the Motability Scheme with many of them available from £0 advance payment. The Fiat 500C isn't all about fun though, safety is also catered for with a total of 8 airbags.

For more information on the Fiat 500C at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Red Fiat 500C driving towards youExplore Fiat 500C Motability Offers

Fiat 500L

The 500L is the perfect mix of style and practicality. Generous leg and headroom, create a spacious feel and it also benefits from flexible seating.

The rear seats fold flat, giving you loads of space in the back too. At Fiat Motability Chester, we’re delighted to offer 4 different models of Fiat 500L on the Motability Scheme with many available from nil advance payment.

For more information on the Fiat 500L at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Red Fiat 500L in the woods

Browse Fiat 500L Motability Offers

Fiat 500X

For a practical car that handles well and doesn't compromise on style, check out the 500X. At Fiat Motability Chester we have 10 different models of the Fiat 500X Small SUV / Crossover available. We have both the City Look and Off Road Look models on offer for our motability customers, starting from £0 advance payment.

For more information on the Fiat 500X at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Blue Fiat 500X parked side on

Browse Fiat 500X Motability Offers

Fiat Panda

Our range of 8 Fiat Pandas start from £0 advance payment. The latest model is larger than those that came before it and you get a really decent amount of boot space, especially when you slide back the rear seats. The Panda is a great car to drive. Visibility is good and it handles really well.

For more information on the Fiat Panda at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Bronze Fiat Panda parked outside a barn conversion

Browse Fiat Panda Motability Offers

Fiat Qubo

A new addition to our selection of Fiat vehicles available via the Motability Scheme, the Qubo is a very striking small family car with a lot to offer.

If you need to transport a lot of equipment, you'll find the Qubo really useful as you can pack so much into it. It's also very cheap to run. We've got 4 models for you to choose from at Fiat Motability Chester, starting from £0 advance payment.

For more information on the Fiat Qubo at Fiat Motability Chester, click here.

Bright green Fiat Qubo parked by a beach

Browse Fiat Qubo Motability Offers

Fiat Tipo

Coming with a wealth of equipment as standard, the Fiat Tipo offers comfort and space aplenty, ooffering a class-leading boot size an lots of lovely legroom for rear seat passengers.

Modern and well designed, the Fiat Tipo offers an awful lot for and with 19 models to choose from on the Motability scheme, starting from nil advance payment, you're sure to find the one for you.

White Fiat Tipo driving on a wet road

Explore Fiat Tipo Motability Offers

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon

Less of an estate car, more of an aerodynamic sportsbrake. The Fiat Tipo Station Wagon is a great looking car, which just so happens to have all the practicality that an estate car brings with it.

Choose from 10 models, starting from nil advance payment. If you love style, but need practicality, then look no further.

Blue Fiat Tipo Station Wagon driving through sunny countrysideExplore Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Motability Offers

Call in for more information or a test drive.

If any of these Fiats have sparked your interest in the Motability Scheme and you'd like to know more about Fiat Motability Chester, then drop into our showroom or give us a call. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome!

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