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Jaguar Land Rover looks to skip the red light

Jaguar Land Rover looks to skip the red light


There are few things more frustrating on the road than getting stuck in a series of red lights – but that could be a thing of the past if a new Jaguar Land Rover development makes it to production.

Called Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (Glosa), the tech gives drivers a suggestion on what speed to travel at to go from one green light to the next, theoretically eliminating the need to stop.

The vehicle-to-infrastructure tech allows the car to ‘talk’ to traffic lights via a digital signal.

It’s thought widespread adoption of Glosa would see traffic running more smoothly in built-up areas, while also reducing air pollution by eliminating the need for drivers to ‘race’ between lights to reach green or have their engines idling at red lights.

Jaguar Land Rover is testing the tech on public roads with a specially equipped Jaguar F-Pace as part of the £20 million UK Autodrive project, which aims to put the UK at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development. The manufacturer has already tried out fully autonomous cars successfully on Coventry’s Ring Road in October with a lidar- and radar-equipped Range Rover Sport.

Oriol Quintana-Morales, Jaguar Land Rover connected technology research engineer, said: “This cutting-edge technology will radically reduce the time we waste at traffic lights. It has the potential to revolutionise driving by creating safe, free-flowing cities that take the stress out of commuting.

“Our research is motivated by the chance to make future journeys as comfortable and stress-free as possible for all our customers.”