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All-electric Jaguar I-PACE visits Crewe Showroom

All-electric Jaguar I-PACE visits Crewe Showroom


JAGUAR’S revolutionary I-PACE all-electric SUV came to our showroom for one day only as part of a national tour of dealerships and the 50-strong audience of visitors were unanimous in praising it.

Why should I buy a Jaguar I-PACE?

  • Stunning looks - headturnering design
  • Long battery range - Almost 300 miles range on one charge
  • Sports car acceleration - 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds
  • Spacious cabin - electric power means more room in the interior

Jaguar I-PACE comes to Crewe

Jaguars revolutionary I-PACE all-electric SUV came to our showroom for one day only as part of a national tour of dealerships and the 50-strong audience of visitors were unanimous in praising it.

The I-PACE is the first of its kind from Jaguar and with the exception of the US-built Tesla, the only premium SUV in the world which doesn’t use a petrol or diesel engine.

Jaguar engineers who were on hand at our Crewe Green showroom to talk through the I-PACE explained that using the American system of measuring range, which is more accurate than the current European one, the four seater will do 240 miles on a single charge.

Jaguar I-Pace Wired for Life

Plugged into a 100 Kw charger, it takes just 45 minutes to get back to an 80 per cent charge.

Jaguar guarantees the battery cell pack for eight years / 100,000 miles and that it will retain up to 70 per cent of the range of a new one within that time frame / mileage.

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Performance

It costs from £63,500 but with car makers rapidly moving towards electrification Jaguar has already committed itself to building a hybrid or full-electric option in every car it builds from 2020.

The all-new Jaguar XJ executive saloon which arrives here in around 18 months will be an electric car with styling overtones similar to the I-PACE.  

The first true demonstrator arrives here around June / July but our dealership manager, Matt Hill, said customers have already placed deposits.

Jaguar I-Pace

Matt said: “We already have five deposits and the reception here today has been very positive. Obviously this is a radical car but the only time I can think of where a car has generated such an instant and strong reaction was when we unveiled the F-PACE.

“I think that when we get people into the car and let them drive it they will be amazed at how it performs. I have driven one and it is simply amazing, a proper Jaguar.”

One of the people viewing the car was David Rushton who travelled from Stoke with his wife, Michelle.

They already own a Jaguar F-PACE and said they would like to try the car and drive it but said they are interested.

David said: "When I first read about it and saw the pictures I said I would be interested and it is lovely to see it in the metal. I think we would soon get used to charging and with the range which easily lets you get to say, Manchester and back or to London where you can recharge it, I think it answers the practicality aspect of an electric car."

Michelle added: "It is bigger than I thought it would be and definitely has the Jaguar DNA in its styling and the interior. I think it is beautiful."

And will they consider buying one for their next car? “Yes”, said David.

A quick guide to the I-PACE

Because they are so quiet electric cars are seen as a potential danger to pedestrians so they have a `noise’ button to alert them. In the Jaguar the soundtrack is that of a throaty V8!

For the most efficient charging at home from a Jaguar approved wallbox, the I-PACE can be fully recharged overnight and deliver up to 22 miles range per hour.

When using a domestic socket, charging rates are slower than a wallbox (up to 7 miles of range per hour), but are sufficient to cover the average daily commute of 38 miles if the vehicle is charged overnight.

The best way to get a quick top up of your battery’s charge is with DC chargers; a typical 50kW charger can deliver up to 168 miles of range per hour. As the public charging infrastructure improves, I-PACE is equipped to accept up to a 100kW DC charge rate for improved charge time.

A DC rapid charger provides large amounts of energy in a short amount of time. The charging rate decreases as the battery reaches full capacity, so in most cases it is quicker to rapid charge up to 80 percent capacity or for the extended range required.

You can find convenient charging points at places you may want to stay for several hours – or even overnight – including local shopping centres, hotels and gyms and the I-PACE will guide you to one.

Heating and air conditioning systems use energy and this can reduce range but these systems are most often used at the start of a journey so, to lessen the impact on range, the I‑PACE can pre-condition the interior while the car is still charging. This uses electricity from the power supply, and not the battery, to heat or cool the interior.

Driving in hilly terrain needs more acceleration and braking and reduces range, while flat routes are more efficient.  With the Remote smartphone app, you can view the topography of your route to provide a real-world estimate of I‑PACE's range before you set off.

Find Out More About Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace Overview

Price: From £63,500

Fuel Type: All-electric vehicle (EV)

Range: 240 miles on a single charge

Charge time: 45 minutes to get to 80% on a 100Kw charger

Bodystyle: SUV

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