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Jaguar E-Pace - 5 Top Tech Features

Jaguar E-Pace - 5 Top Tech Features


Jaguar’s new E-Pace SUV is set to be a huge seller for the icon British marque; but it’s more than just a pretty, coming packed with new tech features to make your life easier.

What are the top 5 Tech gadgets in the Jaguar E-Pace?

There’s no denying the Jaguar E-Pace is a head turner, but not only is this compact SUV good to look at, it’s also packed with innovative new tech features; here are five to whet your appetite.

Grey Jaguar E-Pace driving towards you down a leafy lane

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Smart activity key

For those who are on the go, taking a key can be annoying. That’s why the E-Pace comes with a wearable, waterproof activity key. Rubberised and comfortable, it lets you lock and unlock the car simply by pressing your wrist against the boot.

It’s also waterproof to 20 metres, meaning you’re free to go swimming, surfing or kayaking without worrying that it’ll break. The regular key stays inside the car but is deactivated – keeping things safe and secure.

Phone-based remote

If you’ve ever been inside your house and wondered how much fuel is left in your car, then this could be the ideal feature. The phone-based remote allows you to check the E-Pace’s fuel levels, as well as where you’ve parked it.

Not only that, but you can also see how efficiently you’ve been driving or check your overall average speed.

Man using Apple iwatch to control his Jaguar E-Pace

4G internet hotspot

Not only is the E-Pace capable of tackling rough terrain, it can also provide an internet hotspot for its passengers. That means you can wirelessly connect to the internet on a variety of devices – all from the comfort of the car.

The car itself is also internet-ready, giving you instant access to internet-based apps via the car’s infotainment system. Put the CDs away – this is all the multimedia tech you’ll need.

Head-up display

The head-up display on the E-Pace is projected directly on to the windscreen and gives clear and easy-to-read indications regarding speed and the current gear. In addition, it displays satellite navigation directions – meaning you don’t have to look down at the main screen.

When coupled with audible commands, the system lets you follow the satellite navigation without having to lose concentration by checking other screens.

Jaguar E-Pace head up display on windscreen

Lane departure warning

A useful piece of new tech for those who spend a lot of time on the motorways, the E-Pace’s lane departure warning system vibrates the steering wheel should it detect that the car is drifting across a lane. It’ll also flash a warning on the main screen ahead of the driver too.

In addition, the E-Pace packs lane-keep assist technology. This will gently steer the car around bends when it detects that your hands are on the wheel, making longer journeys more comfortable.

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