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The iconic Jaguar brand has designened and produced some of the most beautiful cars ever to grace the road.

Jaguar - History

The Jaguar marque has its origins way back in 1922 when two Williams, Messrs Lyons and Walmsley, set up the Swallow Sidecar company.

By 1935 they had designed and produced a car which was quite simply breath-taking; their 2.5 litre saloon was beautiful, elegant, sleek and sophisticated; low to the ground, yet hugely powerful too. Its sinuous feline qualities and understated energy led to its name – the Swallow Sidecar or SS Jaguar.

Gleaming new SS Jaguar 2.5 litre saloon

By the end of WWII, SS had a different, sinister and unpleasant meaning and thus in 1945 Jaguar became the name, not just of the beautiful 1935 2.5 litre saloon, but of the marque itself and so Jaguar was born.

Jaguar went on to be synonymous with the very best of British design, never more so than with what became the very essence the ‘Swinging 60s’, the E-Type Jag. From the moment it was premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 the E-Type put all other cars in the shade and its beautiful design remains icon to this day.

Black and white image of the E-Type Jaguar

It’s fair to say that Jaguar lost its way a little bit during the latter part of the 20th century, but then, in 1997, came Ian Callum; appointed as Jaguar Director of Design he has taken inspiration from Jaguar’s iconic past, reimagining the marque for today.

The beautiful, sinuous lines have returned to Jaguar and even without the badge it’s easy to spot a Jaguar; they stand out from the crowd, following their pedigree and not the common herd.

Jaguar is for the individual; expressive and unique.

Today’s models range from the sexy and sensational F-Type sports car range to the PACE range of SUVs; including Jaguar’s first all-electric car, the I-PACE, which is not only stunning to look at, but marries this this with amazing acceleration and range.

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Jaguar XE

Look at its lines; it could only be a Jaguar.

A sports saloon that oozes class and sophistication, yet is of the moment, with its intelligent technologies not only keeping day-to-day running costs down, but also ensuring competitive insurance group ratings.

Bright blue Jaguar XE parked in a contemporary backdrop

Explore the Jaguar XE Range

Jaguar XF

A stunning luxury saloon, with five variants, allowing you to tailor an XF to complement your lifestyle.

White Jaguar XF driving towards you

It has real presence on the road, offers luxury within, and is, as ever, distinctively a Jaguar. Don’t let all the luxury fool you, beneath its beautiful exterior lie advance technologies designed to keep you safe and cocooned, yet connected to the world.

Explore the Jaguar XF Range

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Did someone say ‘estate car’? Not if they were looking at a Jaguar XF Sportbrake they didn’t! Sometimes you need more room, space for you, your family, your dog, or for work; why should you have to compromise with a boxy MPV or an estate car, which is just the standard model with an extra box stuck on the rear.

You shouldn’t! There’s no need to compromise with the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, it has all the beauty of the saloon, with the practicality of more space.

White Jaguar XF Sportbrake from two thirds side on whilst moving

Explore the Jaguar XF Sportbrake Range

Jaguar XJ

When only the best is good enough, you need look no further than the XJ, Jaguar’s premium saloon, designed to waft you to your destination and total luxury.

Beauty, power and luxury all come together as on in the XJ; it’s size and beauty belies the agile and responsive drive it delivers the driver; and as for the passengers, they can relax in absolute comfort and luxury.

Silver Jaguar XJ parked two thirds side on

Explore the Jaguar XJ Range

Jaguar E-PACE

Family-focused, fun and yet still a feline Jaguar, that’s the heart of the E-PACE.

The E-PACE maybe a compact SUV, but it’s so much more than that; far removed from many of the boxy cars that fill this sector, it retains the stunning Jaguar lines as the same time as offering class leading interior storage.

A unique blend of practical and exciting the E-PACE is one family car that you’ll love to drive. 

Red Jaguar E-PACE driving at speed

Explore the Jaguar E-PACE Range

Jaguar F-PACE

Want the thrill of a sports car, married with the practicality of an SUV? Look no further than the Jaguar F-PACE. Of course it’s beautiful to look at, it’s a Jaguar, but this is no ordinary Jaguar, but the first of an exception family of sports SUVs which have taken the world by storm.

With five variants, you can choose that one that suits you; whichever one you select, you’ll attract admiring glances,

Bright silver Jaguar F-Pace parked two thirds on with a futuristic backdrop

Explore the Jaguar F-PACE Range

Jaguar I-PACE

Seldom does a car like the I-PACE come along; welcome to Jaguar’s first all-electric car.

It’s ground-breaking technologically, but is also absolutely beautiful; its clean air credentials and low running costs are secondary to its jaw-dropping good looks.

With two batteries, two boots and four screens the I-PACE has everything in abundance. With a range of almost 300 miles, 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and swift charging, the I-PACE is the ultimate pure electric car.

Silver Jaguar I-PACE driving at speed

Explore the Jaguar I-PACE Range

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

When you want a pure sports car, with breath-taking looks and heart-stopping acceleration, look no further than the Jaguar F-TYPE.

It looks almost too sexy to be allowed on the road, it sounds phenomenal and it will catapult you from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. The F-TYPE is the product of a distinguished pedigree, one glance and you’ll see it could only be a Jaguar.

White Jaguar F-TYPE driving at speed and seen from the side and above

Explore the Jaguar F-TYPE

Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible

Is there anything more exhilarating than driving a convertible sports car on a Summer’s day?

We doubt it and what a convertible the F-TYPE is, all the power, all the agility, all the technology, none of the roof! You’ll love the F-TYPE Convertible for wow-factor alone, get behind the wheel and you’ll appreciate how finely balanced this exceptional car is. Why wait to feel the wind in your hair.

Silver Jaguar F-Type convertible parked looking out to see.

Explore the Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible