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Is an SUV Right for Me?

Is an SUV Right for Me?


An SUV can offer more space, more power and more versatility. Take a look at our guide and discover if an SUV is the right car for you. Then book a test drive to seal the deal.

Is an SUV
Right for Me?

What is an SUV -
Sports Utility Vehicle?

SUVs are taller, ride higher off the ground and are more ruggedly styled than other body shapes.

An SUV is not necessarily a 4x4; a 4x4 has 4-wheel drive, but an SUV can be 2 or 4-wheel drive. If you don’t need 4-wheel drive, for towing or going off-road, then a 2-wheel drive SUV is usually less expensive and generally kinder on your pocket fuel-wise.

If the chunkier SUV style appeals to you there’s now a wealth of choice from Mini SUV, compact SUV, right up to the big boy SUV and all sizes in-between.


Is an SUV -
the right car for me?

Your lifestyle will determine whether an SUV is right for you. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Is being higher off the ground practical for me and my passengers?
  • Will I need to tow a trailer (a caravan for example)?
  • Will I be starting or expanding my family in the future?
  • How often do I carry luggage, sports equipment, children’s paraphernalia?
  • Do I need the interior of my car to be versatile?

It may well be that you’re just a fan of the chunkier SUV design, but you still need to think about how the car
will work
with your everyday life.


Is a high-riding SUV
right for me?


For many drivers the appeal of an SUV is its elevated driving position, which gives great vision, both of the road ahead and to the sides; however, if you’re elderly or have elderly family or friends, toddlers or people with mobility issues who will be regular passengers, you need to check how easy it will be for them to access a car that sits higher off the ground.

Is an SUV a good
family car?

Think ahead, you may not have children now, but are you planning to start or increase your family in the next few years? If the answer is yes then you should consider an SUV.

Whilst it may be trickier to load up your toddlers into an SUV, due to the height off the ground, once inside the view is generally more engaging, as is the space on offer for bigger kids.

More spacious than other body-styles, due to roof height and body width, an SUV makes a great car for families and with some SUV having 7 seats as standard, you can take family friends along too.

7 seats

How much luggage space
is there in an SUV?

If you love adventurous weekends away; enjoy playing sport, have outdoor hobbies or a growing family then the chances are you have plenty of ‘stuff’ you need to transport as well as your passengers.

Of course, boot space depends on which size of SUV you choose, however, due to their shape, even smaller SUV can usually carry more luggage than an equivalent hatchback or saloon.


How versatile
is an SUV?

The majority of SUV now offer ways of flip-flopping various different seats to give either more passenger space and less luggage area or vice versa.

This means that whether you need to fit in a chest of drawers or a 5-a-side football team there’ll be an SUV that can be configured to suit; versatility, along with the higher driving position, are the top reasons why people tell us they pick an SUV.


Is an SUV better
for towing?


Whether you need to tow a kayak, a horsebox, a caravan or a trailer full of garden waste to the tip, a 4-wheel SUV will do the job.

The most important thing to remember here is that, if you tow regularly, a 4-wheel drive will make your life much easier; imagine trying to tow a caravan up an icy hill without 4-wheel drive and the muscularity of an SUV and you’ll see why caravanners and the horsey community, love an SUV.