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Instagram August Round-up

Instagram August Round-up


Well August may have come and gone and summer looks to have followed suit as well.

But we’re keeping a positive mental attitude by looking back at some of the things we got up to on Instagram this August!

We had plenty of awesome adventures and even more amazing cars to share through the back end of the summer.

We saw plenty of action before the new 69 registration plates dropped at the start of September. But before all that excitement we were sorting through the swarm of opinion surrounding this Audi TT.

This eye-catching coupe may have looked a knockout on the exterior, but the leather cherry red interior divided opinion.

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it’ll grab the attention!

After the somewhat divisive nature of the yellow TT, we took a look around something altogether more palatable.

Staying in TT land we found this amazing pulse orange TTRS at Stoke Audi, which couldn’t failed to put a smile on the face! Once you’ve forgotten about the pun that is!

Away from Audi there was big news brewing at VW HQ! The new T-Roc Cabriolet had broken cover and we had to get a few shots of it up on our feed!

The T-Roc has been a hugely successful addition to the VW SUV family, so is the soft top version ready to continue that upward trend?

We loved sharing lots of bold colour concepts through August. Following this theme we also shared some awesome snaps of this simply stunning Audi R8 adding those yellow, summery tones.

Contributing to this seemingly heat-inspired theme we also casually tossed in this Eclipse Orange SEAT Ateca FR! The stunning paintwork and eye-catchingly huge alloys made this the perfect vehicle for the ‘gram.

With all this talk of heat and flame inspired colours we had to take a nice calming walk. But that took too long so we decided to jump in an amazing Audi e-Tron and drive up to Crewe Hall to grab some summer chill vibes!

We’ve worked with the team at Crewe Hall a couple of times now and it’s always such a special thing to be able to nip up there and grab amazing pictures like this. Especially in the August sunshine!

Moving towards the end of the month and following on from the e-Tron, the electric vehicle (EV) undertone continued when we returned to Crewe VW and took a walk around some stunning e-Golfs!

With the growing consciousness of sustainability and the increased pressure around people making positive changes to their lives that can help lower our emissions, we started to ask; are you ready to go electric?

There’s still some uncertainty around the EV market as to the reliability of the electric car, but we got some amazing responses from people who either already own, want to own or are thinking of owning, an EV.

Volkswagen are doing there bit by trying to make the e-Golf as appealing as possible. They say this new EV will give you all the good feeling of driving electric, with all the bonuses of owning a Golf.

We also decided to send out 5 runner-up prizes in the form of some SEAT multi-function tools, which have 37 different uses!

The end of August saw us hurtling towards September and the release of the new ’69 plate registrations.

We wanted to get as involved in the excitement as possible and we were well placed to as well!

With awesome brand new vehicles coming from our Uchoose Contract Hire & Leasing, Crewe Volkswagen, Stoke Audi and Chester Jeep teams we had the start of September all sewn up!

Keep up to date with all the latest happenings across the Swansway Group now by adding our Instagram account!

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