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Important driving law changes that could be implemented in 2020

Important driving law changes that could be implemented in 2020


Here are some potential changes to motoring legislation that could be on the way in 2019

Though 2019 proved to be an interesting year in the motoring world, 2020 looks set to be even bigger, with various rules on the cards to improve safety and tackle emissions-related issues.

Here we take a quick look at the three of the most motoring changes that are still being considered.

Pavement parking ban

Car parked on the pavement

The issue of drivers parking on pavements is something that has been ticking over for many years. It’s something that’s existed since 1974 in London, but it could be extended across England if new legislation is passed. Currently the Transport Committee in parliament is considering this.

Green number plates for electric cars

In a bid to promote and encourage more drivers to switch to electric cars, the Department for Transport has recently opened a consultation looking into the use of green number plates.

Green number plate on an electric car

Essentially any EV could be fitted with these, if the rules get the go ahead. The cars would attract special privileges – including access to restricted areas where cutting emissions and pollution is a priority.

Graduated driving licences under consideration

This is something that still has a big question mark hanging over it, but in a bid to improve safety, many have been considering a new graduated driving scheme to ease new drivers behind the wheel.

L plate on a car

It could see young drivers restricted from doing several things – including driving after a certain time and limiting how many people can travel in the car of a newly-qualified driver. Northern Ireland is set to adopt a graduated driving licence first, but the rest of the UK could also see this being introduced, too.