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Hugging Shouldn't Be One Of Life's Luxuries

Hugging Shouldn't Be One Of Life's Luxuries

By Swansway Motor Group 21-01-2017


National Hugging Day on the 21st of January is the perfect opportunity to show affection to anyone and anything that’s important to you. Find out more.

We don’t usually need an excuse to offer a sign of care and devotion to those we love. Sometimes, however, we welcome a little bit of encouragement to demonstrate our tender side.

If you’re looking for a reason, National Hugging Day on the 21st of January is the perfect opportunity to show affection to anyone and anything that’s important to you.

Invented by a pastor in Michigan, who rightly believed that everyone could benefit from both giving and receiving a hug every now and then, National Hugging Day is in its 31st year. Rev. Zaborney wanted to create, ‘one day to encourage families and friends to be grateful for the gift of one another through hugging.’

At Swansway Group, we enjoy a good hug because, unlike other expensive gifts, a hug doesn’t cost a thing! And still, it could give vital support, encouragement or praise to a friend in need. Conversely, the act of hugging someone or something that you love could give you that little bit of reassurance, just when you need a helping hand. So don’t wait, get stuck in and cuddle, cwtch, embrace or hug away your day!

young couple hugging


Couple Up

Probably the most intimate hug is one that you share with your partner. You know each other inside out and can tell when your other half needs a bit of TLC. Whether it’s to say, “I love you,”“Don’t  worry,” or “I’m sorry I forgot to buy more milk!” one day for hugging just isn’t enough.

Group tree hug


Hug Of Appreciation

You can use an embrace to show your respect for nature too. After all, where would we be without trees and plants? Regular interaction with thegreen stuff has shown psychological and physiological improvements in terms of mental health and well-being in children. So grab some friends and get going with that tree hugging.

group hug on the beach


The Family Hug

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family, so make the most of brothers, sisters, parents and children with a cuddle whenever you see them. As if being related to you wasn’t reward enough, at least you’ll have a bank of embraces ready whenever you need to call on them for some support.

Woman hugging a spaniel dog


Hairy Hug

A hug works on four-legged family members, as well as those with two! Known for it’s therapeutic properties, hugging a pet relieves stress, improves your immune system and reduces depression.   It also lets your furry friend know that they are truly valued.

Woman hugging her car


The Chug

Strictly speaking, the car isn’t another member of your family but if the mood takes you on National Hugging Day, why not show it your appreciation too? Mostly faithful and reliable, lots of us  would say that we do indeed love our cars, whatever its make, model or colour. Take a moment to chug (car hug) and acknowledge all of the things in your life that make it that little bit easier.

Soldier hugging a child


The Sweetest Hug

The innocent hug of a child brings out the protective instinct in us all. For a child to know that they are loved and have someone to turn to for help is a basic need in any youngster. Make the most of those little embraces, because as that child grows, they might not be so keen to return the cuddles.

children hugging


The Buddy Hug

No one can provide an embrace quite like that of your best friend. Whether they are your brother or sister; colleague or college friend; or someone you’ve grown up with, a bestie always knows  when to console you and when to give you a gentle shove in the right direction.

Group hugging


The Group Hug

There’s no reason why a hug should be restricted to just 2 people; in fact, the more the merrier! Celebrate your sporting team’s victory, a well earned night out after a difficult working week or simply the fact that you want to show mutual respect and admiration for your fellow human beings. Any excuse for a hug!

Once you’ve got into the swing of things, there’s no need to wait until the next National Hugging Day to repeat this demonstration of appreciation. Spice it up with different hugs at different locations. Maybe throw in a little music and flowers, and get others involved. In fact, the more often you show your appreciation through embraces and hugs, the more appreciation will be shown to you.

Demonstrate true affection for those you love by posting a picture of your cuddle on Swansway Group’s social media pages using the hashtag #hugday. Then spread the love by sharing to invite your friends and family to do the same - you’ll be surprised at how quickly the trend catches on!

If you’re in need of a bit of TLC on National Hugging Day, or indeed at any time, pop into your local Swansway Group dealership where we’ll happily join you in a group hug!

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