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How to Choose the Best Hatchback

How to Choose the Best Hatchback


The hatchback is the UK’s most popular car. Style, size, features and cost, there’s a hatchback for everyone. Choose the best hatchback to get you on the road.

The hatchback is the UK’s most popular style of car for good reason - there’s just so much variety! Style, size, features and cost are just a few of the variables.

Decide what’s important to you for your next car, then use our guide to help you choose the best hatchback for your needs.


There’s always been a wide choice of designs when it comes to the best hatchbacks. The easy-to-access boot space makes it a versatile and practical choice. From the uniquely shaped MINIs and VW Beetles, to the sporty stylings of the hot hatches, there’s a variety to suit every taste.


Ever-improving technology means a never-ending list of car features to make driving easier, more comfortable and altogether more enjoyable. You might consider some a must-have while others are just an added bonus.

Here’s a few of the features that might sway your decision when figuring out how to choose the best hatchback:

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    Parking sensors, sat nav, automatic lights and rain-sensing wipers make the job of driving a little easier.

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    Air con, heated seats and handy storage compartments might make or break the deal when you’re looking for a hatchback to keep you relaxed.

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    Handy for any parent who wants to keep their child safe in a car seat without having to faff with the fitting.

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    Hands-free Boot Opening

    Whether you’re carrying shopping, children or luggage, this will make loading and unloading a whole lot easier.

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    Everything from airbags to Lane Departure Warning, you can never have too much help in the safety department.

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    Infotainment System

    Bluetooth, music, sat nav and car information all in one place so you can concentrate on the road.

Engine Type

The wide range of hatchbacks means that you can choose anything from a leaner, greener electric vehicle or hybrid to an economical four-cylinder or an athletic twin-turbocharged V8. Most of the best hatchbacks offer several different alternatives, it’s just a case of finding the right fuel type, transmission and drive for you.

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    Often offers better economy.

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    Nippy and responsive.

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    EV or Hybrid

    £0 or low road tax and reduced fuel costs.

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    or Manual

    Suit your driving style with a transmission to match.

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    Two-Wheel-Drive or Four-Wheel-Drive

    4x4 can provide better handling and smoother acceleration.


With a huge range of styles, features and engine configurations comes a wide variation in costs of hatchbacks. And don’t forget that the purchase price isn’t the only cost to factor in. Insurance, mpg, road tax and maintenance all add up, it’s just a case of finding the best hatchback to match your budget.

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    Don’t forget to add on the cost of optional extras, delivery, registration and (if buying new) first year VED.

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    Premiums will depend on engine size, trim, and safety and security features.

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    Diesels are generally more economical for high-mileage drivers while hybrids and EVs provide low-cost fuel alternatives.

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    Road Tax

    CO2 and NOx emissions translate to the annual VED charge (pre-April 2017), otherwise the flat rate of Road Tax applies after the first year.

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    Choose a hatchback from a reliable manufacturer for lower repair bills.

Last, but by no means least… Colour!

As well as metallic and pearlescent paint finishes, many of the best hatchbacks also offer interesting colour combinations with contrasting roofs, detailing and highlights. The colour schemes extend to the interior for a brighter, more stimulating drive.