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How Do I Look After My Motability WAV or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

How Do I Look After My Motability WAV or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?


If you have a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or WAV to help you get out and about, you’ll want to keep it running at its best. Keep your Motability WAV on the road with our top tips.

How Do I Look After My WAV?

Motability WAV or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

If you struggle to transfer from your wheelchair to a car, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or WAV could help you to get out and about. A Motability WAV allows you to remain safely in your wheelchair while the car or van is moving.

Whether you have a WAV through the Motability Scheme or have purchased it privately, you’ll still need to keep it maintained so that you can safely retain some of your independence.

All Motability WAVs begin life as a standard car or van before being altered by a specialist to accommodate your wheelchair. So, you have two different types of checks to carry out:

  • the ordinary servicing and maintenance of a regular vehicle
  • an annual Health Check on the converted elements, e.g. ramp or lift and tie-downs

As part of the Motability scheme, your designated managing dealer should notify you when these planned checks are due.

In between planned maintenance, you or your carer can carry out a number of checks to help keep your Motability WAV in tip top condition and reduce the possibility of repairs or unnecessary costs that may not be covered under your Motability lease agreement.

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    Check tie-downs, straps or winches before and after every journey. Untwist and stow properly to prevent overstretching and keep free of doors and ramps. You should report any signs of fraying to your designated managing dealer.

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    To prevent battery drainage, ensure that switches for any powered elements, e.g. lifts or tie-downs, are switched off when not in use. Your Motability WAV’s battery will also benefit from occasional longer journeys to help keep it charged.

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    Make regular checks, as you should with any vehicle. Your manufacturer’s handbook will point you in the right direction when it comes to monitoring:

    • Engine oil
    • Engine coolant
    • Windscreen washer fluid
    • Lights and bulbs
    • Tyre pressure and tread (min. 1.6mm)

If you have any questions about keeping your Motability WAV in good condition, pop in to see one of our specialists at your local Swansway Group Motability Centre.