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How can I drive more efficiently?

How can I drive more efficiently?


Efficiency is a real hot topic in the world of motoring at the moment. Manufacturers are making their cars greener and cleaner than ever, while stringent new testing standards aim to drive down emissions even further. It can seem a little overwhelming at times, but there are things that the everyday motorist can do to help with efficiency. It’s also a cost-saving measure, too, with efficient driving saving money on fuel and consumable parts. Let’s take a look at what you can do to help.

Pre-flight checks

Taking the time to prepare your car before setting out on a journey can make a world of difference when it comes to efficiency. Under-inflated tyres can lead to excess fuel consumption and tyre wear, so make sure that they’re inflated to the correct pressures. 

In addition, if you’ve got a top-box or roof-mounted bike carrier and don’t require it, then we’d recommend removing it - they create a huge amount of drag, which impacts fuel consumption and overall efficiency. 

Planning your route can also make a difference; motorways and major A-roads should mean that you’re able to maintain a more consistent speed - and that’s good news for efficiency. 

The gentle touch

One of the simplest ways to become a more efficient drive is by taking care when accelerating and braking. 

Though the temptation to gun the throttle when merging onto a motorway or merging lanes, this is best avoided for efficiency stakes; being smooth with your throttle inputs will pay dividends here. 

In addition, look ahead to anticipate traffic and this will help you to avoid later and harsher braking. It’ll also mean that you’ll be able to carry more momentum and save fuel in the process. 

engine stop start button

Switch off unused electronics 

Electronics in your car eat into battery consumption, which as a result then puts more stress on the engine. It means that by switching off certain features you’re not using, you can quickly save fuel. Instead of using air conditioning around town, why not open the windows? This method doesn’t apply to motorway driving, mind you, as open windows create more drag at higher speeds, and it’s here where air-con is a more efficient option. 

Keep to the speed limit

Keeping within the speed limits isn’t just the law, but also a sure-fire way of reducing fuel use. You’ll see a much better MPG figure when travelling at 60mph compared with 70mph, and it’s the same again for travelling at 70mph instead of 80mph. 

car exhaustTry walking or cycling

If you’re really keen on being as efficient as possible, why not try walking or cycling if you only need to travel shorter distances? Not only does it save on fuel, but the health benefits are also excellent. It really is a win-win situation.

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