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Honda Hybrid CR-V

Honda Hybrid CR-V


Honda are continuing to drive change in 2018, following the release of the new CR-V they have now announced that they will also be releasing a hybrid version of the SUV.

The announcement marks the first time that the Japanese manufacturer has released a hybrid SUV in Europe. The latest CR-V will be available with advanced hybrid powertrain technology.

Honda’s Hybrid Performance system features i-MMD or intelligent Multi-Mode Drive technology which means the SUV is powered by a 2.0L i-VTEC petrol engine, a powerful electric motor and will also feature a lithium ion battery pack.

The unique technology involved in the i-MMD approach means that the new CR-V will be able to switch driving modes seamlessly in order to provide the most efficient drive possible.

Red Honda CR-V car on a black background

The three driving modes are:

EV Drive

This mode relies on the lithium-ion battery driving the electric propulsion motor which in turn powers the wheels into motion. The positive aspects to this mode are that there’s minimal emissions, instant torque delivery and basically silent driving.  

The idea behind the EV mode is; due to its efficiency, minute emissions and silent nature, it would be perfect for navigating around the busy streets of a city or town.


The hybrid mode of propulsion is one that we’re all more used to hearing about. According to the developers at Honda, this mode will be ideal for suburban driving.

In hybrid mode a 2.0L petrol engine powers a generator, excess power from this engine then goes to recharging the battery. This ensure that the CR-V is remaining as efficient as possible.  


In engine drive mode a lock-up clutch mechanism means that there is a direct connection between the petrol engine and the wheels. As with hybrid mode, any excess energy is used to charge the battery.

The technology involved with driving in engine mode means it is the most efficient set-up for high speed motorway driving.

The way that the i-MMD system is set up means that the shifts in driving modes are virtually imperceptible inside the CR-V, this includes the stop-start function when stationary.

White Honda CR-V SUV in the dark

Away from the new-look engine the hybrid CR-V continues to revolutionise the SUVs ride quality right through to the driver’s convenience tools.

The new Vehicle Driver Information Interface (DII) ensures that the person in charge of the vehicle is across all of the happenings under the bonnet as well as the music selection inside the cab. So you can feel like a scientist in one moment and David Guetta the next!

If you can’t wait to don your lab coat and headphones, then you’re in luck. The new Hybrid CR-V is entering into production in October this year with the first customer deliveries set for early in 2019.

There’s plenty going on over at Honda towers at the moment. With the recent release of the new CR-V, the incoming new HR-V and now this advancement in hybrid technology for the firm 2019 is going to be a busy here for the Japanese manufacturer.