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Honda Civic Type R Vs Honda Civic Type R TCR

Honda Civic Type R Vs Honda Civic Type R TCR

By Swansway Motor Group 04-01-2018


A new Honda Civic Type R TCR is on the cards. We compare the BTCC regular with the standard Type R.

The Honda Civic Type R vs The Honda Civic Type R TCR

The Race is On!

The introduction of every new Honda Civic Type R is an event that takes the motoring world by storm. This summer, it seemed like the hype that surrounded the launch of the spiced up 5th Generation Civic Type-R was bigger than ever.

Excitement was also high throughout the 2017 British Touring Car Championship season which saw the Honda Civic TCR pit itself against the likes of Subaru and Mercedes. Success was Honda’s when the final flag was waved at Brands Hatch - three out of the top seven drivers competed in the Honda Civic Type R TCR.

If the Honda fever wasn’t intense enough this year, just wait until you see what’s in store for 2018. Longterm Honda partner, JAS Motorsport, has been busy creating the new Type R TCR which will be available the beginning of this year, ready for the start of the racing season in April. Until then we can only drool over the capabilities of the current (2015) model.

So, what’s the difference between the road-legal
Honda Civic Type R and its more overbearing brother,
the Honda Civic Type R TCR?

Lets take a look
320 PS
350 PS
2.0 turbocharged
inline 4-cylinder engine with twin-overhead camshaft
2.0-litre turbocharged
inline 4-cylinder with twin-overhead camshaft
6-speed manual
6-speed sequential gearbox
top speed
169 mph
160 mph
0-60 mph
1420 kg
(without driver)
1260 kg
(without driver)

Bodykit & Wheels

While the Civic Type R is sportier than its little brother, the Honda Civic five-door, it’s no competition for the racing styling of the TCR version.

Civic Type R
Civic Type R TCR
More aggressive kit, numerous aerodynamic improvements over the regular Civic five-door
Widened fenders to accommodate larger race ready wheels, a huge front air splitter and enlarged hood scoop to enable the racing engine get even more air. Extra kit to cut drag and improve downforce
20” rims with 245/30 ZR20 tyres
18’x10” OZ racing alloys


Designed to provide a functional racing interior with no distractions, the inside of the racing Civic Type R is built for one purpose - to win!

Space age interior with carbon trim
Race ready spartan interior
Standard key ignition
Push button
Black-and-red lightweight racing seats
One central, carbon-fibre, racing bucket seat with harness
Red detailing throughout the whole interior
No glass windows, no door panels and no trim
Digital dashboard including G-Force meter, lap timers
Alcantara-wrapped, multifunction steering wheel - only essential instruments
7” touchscreen Honda CONNECT with Garmin satellite navigation
No entertainment or information system
comfort & safety
Dual zone climate control, a host of safety features, driver, passenger, side airbags
FIA-spec roll cage


All that power needs a decent braking system. Here’s how the Civic Type R measures up to the racing version.

Civic Type R
Civic Type R TCR
350mm vented and drilled disk
6 pistons calipers - 378 mm steel ventilated discs
305mm solid disk. ABS with electronic brake distribution
2 pistons calipers - 261 mm steel discs

handling & suspension

With an average track speed of 115 mph, the skill of the driver has a lot to do with the success of the Civic Type R TCR. To help steering accuracy at high speeds, here’s how the racing Civic Type R compares to the road-ready equivalent.

Civic Type R
Civic Type R TCR
Adaptive power steering. Specially designed leather three-spoke sports steering wheel with flat bottom and multimedia commands.
Power assisted rack and pinion steering. Racing steering wheel with essential controls.
MacPherson struts in the front. Independent adaptive multi-link suspension in the back.
Race revised front suspension with all-new multilink rear suspension, to enable tackling the track with even more speed and accuracy.


For 2018, we can expect bigger and better things from the Honda Type R TCR - definitely a strong contender for the 2018 BTCC Championship throne.

The all-new and much improved 2018 Civic Type R TCR could easily dominate the 2018 BTCC season, but we’ll have to wait until April next year to see what will happen.

In the meantime, why not grab yourself a piece of the action and see how the Honda Civic Type R compares with the Honda Civic five-door at Swansway Honda in Bolton, Stockport or Rochdale.

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