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Home on the Range

Home on the Range


Will you get home on the range of your electric vehicle (EV) battery; here’s our tips for maximising the range from your EV battery.

Will you get home on the range of your electric vehicle (EV) battery; here’s our tips for maximising the range from your EV battery.

How do you get the longest range out of an EV battery?

  • Reduce rolling resistance – make sure your EV is fitted with low rolling resistance tyres and keep tyre pressure spot on.
  • Decelerate don’t brake – in an EV deceleration recoups energy, use your brakes and your wasting energy.
  • Drive smoothly – smooth acceleration and measured deceleration use less energy.
  • Reduce air resistance – the faster you drive the higher the air resistance; keep to 50-55mph. On the motorway use the slipstream behind a coach or lorry, but don’t tailgate.
  • Limit your climate control usage – Heating or cooling your EV can be expensive in term of energy usage, keep it a minimum to maximise your battery’s range.
  • Stay local – most journeys will be well within your EV battery range, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

EV Range Anxiety

The usual reason that drivers discount changing to an EV is anxiety over the battery range and the fear of running out before reaching either the end destination or the rapid-charge stop off point.

In truth with Zap Map and other apps planning routes for EV to include charging points where necessary, range anxiety really shouldn’t be a thing anymore, indeed once you’ve drive your EV for a few weeks it disappears as you become ‘range aware’ rather than range anxious’.

Keep calm, follow the tips and you’ll get home on the range!

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Explore New Electric & Hybrid Cars

So you’ve overcome range anxiety, but why should your next car be electric?

5 Reasons your next car should be electric:

Smooth & Silent

Until you’ve driven on the road in an EV it’s hard to imagine how different the silent, smooth ride feels.

It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before and serves to highlight just how noisy and clunky traditionally powered cars actually are.

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Instant Torque

For those of us who are not petrol-heads, instant torque means that the battery and electric motor give access to all the power instantly, rather than gradually as with a traditional internal combustion engine.

What does that really mean? In a nutshell it makes driving less stressful, because you have all of the car’s power available instantly, making merging onto a motorway or roundabout so much easier.

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Save Lives

You may think that’s dramatic, but it’s not. A World Health Organisation report found that air pollution plays a big part in 3 million premature deaths worldwide each year.

Air pollution from road transport costs OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development) countries, of which there are 37, $1 trillion a year in negative health effects; asthma, heart attacks, cancer, premature death etc.

Why wouldn’t you go electric?

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Save Money

The cost to charge an electric car is minimal in comparison to the cost of filling up a traditionally propelled car, so your wallet will thank you each and every week.

But that’s not all. An electric car has far fewer ‘bits’ to go wrong; no oil changes needed, no leaky exhaust needing replacing, in fact, much less to go wrong altogether, which means less money spent on maintenance and repairs.

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Save Time

You’ll never have to stand in a fuel smelling service station again, waiting for your tank to fill, because you can fill your car up while you’re eating dinner or playing with the kids; watching TV or at the cinema, or while your asleep.

Your electric car starts every day with a full tank!

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And let’s not forget there’s one really good reason to go electric...it’s fun!

The instant power and silent, gliding ride, make all electric cars real fun; try one, you’ll like it!

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