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Here’s how young drivers can save hundreds on their car insurance

Here’s how young drivers can save hundreds on their car insurance


Money saving expert Martin Lewis gives tips to young drivers on saving hundreds on premiums

Car insurance can often be expensive and problematic for young drivers — but money-saving guru Martin Lewis has offered motorists advice on saving hundreds of pounds on their premiums.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Lewis highlighted timing as the key factor in getting a cheaper insurance deal. He said: “It’s all about the date when you get your renewal – 21 days beforehand.

“It’s not exact for everyone, but it shows how timing it can make a big difference for everyone. When it comes to car insurance, be the early bird who catches the worm.”

Along with suggesting young motorists opt for comprehensive cover over third-party policies, the founder of MoneySavingExpert.com suggested adding a more experience named driver to the cover, saying: “Adding an extra driver can cut your costs – it’s especially useful for younger drivers”.

Lewis also highlighted how experimenting with a job description can save money too — as long as it’s within reason. For instance, setting your job as a marketing director when you’re a retail worker can be grounds for fraud — but a journalist could describe themselves as a writer.

A study from Compare The Market in September 2018 found the average driver between 17 and 24 years old typical pays £2,442 a year on running costs of a car — including insurance, fuel, road tax, MOT costs and breakdown cover.