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Five ways to drive fast legally

Five ways to drive fast legally


It’s safe to say that a majority of motoring enthusiasts love speed. But it is reckless, unsafe and illegal to scratch the itch for fast driving on the road.

Thankfully for us, there are plenty of ways to drive quickly that are fully above board, both in your own car and purpose-built speed machines.

Here are five examples of how you can go fast with no legal ramifications.

Track day

Almost all racing circuits in the UK host track day events, where you can drive your own road car in anger.

At your average track day, you’re just as likely to encounter full-fat race cars as you are fellow enthusiasts looking for a speed fix.

Renault on a track

Don’t be intimidated; on-track behaviour is closely monitored to ensure that the professionals don’t get too boisterous, and all rules are carefully explained before you hit the track.


At Autosolo and Autotest events, you drive technical courses typically found in car parks or fields, and even the odd quarry dirt track. The course is usually defined by cones, so there should be little chance of anything solid claiming your pride and joy with a crunch.

Car on a trackEntry fees are usually exceedingly cheap – all you’ll need is a helmet, and sometimes those can be hired from the club too. As with trackdays, there will likely be some drivers with purpose-built cars, but also plenty of like-minded individuals ragging their daily motors.

Driving experiences

If you don’t like the idea of pushing your own car’s limits, there are driving experience days available at circuits across the country.

porsche of wet track

With these driving experiences, you will be allowed to drive anything from supercars to single-seater racers, while others will allow you to try driving on skidpans, off-roading and rallying.

German roadtrip

In Germany, certain sections of their Autobahn network feature no speed limits, making it an ideal place to see what your car can do. Of course, you should still ensure the safety of yourself and others, so do not exceed your own personal speed limit – if you no longer feel like you’re in comfortable control, slow down.

Audi driving on a road

If you want a proper speed freak holiday, perhaps you could drive to the iconic Nurburgring, which is often open to the public, via the Autobahn.

‘Run What Ya Brung’

At the Santa Pod drag strip, ‘Run What Ya Brung’ events are a regular occurrence. At these events, you can take to the quarter-mile drag strip in your own car, testing the mettle of both you and your metal in a straight-line dash.

Two cars drag racing

With a large turnout practically guaranteed, it’s also a great place to meet fellow car enthusiasts, and an opportunity to see some interesting vehicles.