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Five ways for petrolheads to enjoy isolation

Five ways for petrolheads to enjoy isolation


With the government lockdown in full force, petrolheads need to keep themselves occupied as they need to minimise getting out of the house.

As time out in the car is now being kept to a minimum, enthusiasts across the country will be searching for ways to keep themselves occupied while they’re in self-isolation.

Here, we have a few car-based suggestions…

Build a radio-controlled car

If you want a labour of love and need a way to pass away the hours, building an R/C can be a pet project for you. It takes up time and requires a lot of concentration to ensure it all goes well.

Although you can buy one that already built that can tear up a field or garden straight away, there’s nothing like making your own.

Companies like Tamiya, HPi and Traxxas are great options and the project can be a fun way of passing the time. Just be ready to lose a lot of weight on the wallet, mind. 

Try simulated racing

Driving can be a freeing thing that petrolheads love above all else.

However, that’s not something you can easily do for enjoyment in isolation, so why not try a racing game to pass the time?

Whether you own an Xbox or a Playstation, you have games that you can use. Forza Motorsport on Xbox and Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport are simple ones to get into. But those wanting a more serious set up with a cockpit setup can look towards more realistic simulators, such as Assetto Corsa, rFactor and iRacing. 

Get a Haynes manual and scrub up on your mechanical knowledge

Reading is a good way to kill some hours in the day, and a Haynes manual means you can learn more about your current or dream car in the process!

If you want to improve your mechanical nous, want to fix your own car or help out a family member with their motor, the Haynes manual collection is a great place to start. 

Want to spend time with the kids? Get a Scalextric set

Self-isolating with the children can be challenging at times, especially if you can’t keep them entertained.

So what better way to do that than let their imagination run free and get them to build and race on Scalextric tracks.

More modern diversions may have meant that the classic toy is less popular than it used to be. But the competitive element can help the little ones fall in love with cars and keep them going for hours. 

Binge watch programmes on streaming sites

Nowadays, with the large amounts of online video streaming services, the content available is off the charts. Petrolheads have their fair share of options on offer, with Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer all having great options. 

‘Drive to Survive – Season 2’ has dropped on Netflix recently, following the ups and downs of the Formula 1 paddock, while Clarkson, Hammond and May continue gallivanting around on Amazon Prime in ‘The Grand Tour’. 

If you have a valid TV licence, the most recent series of ‘Top Gear’ is on the iPlayer – meaning you should be set for all your motoring entertainment needs.


Got any other suggestions for petrolheads to safely pass the time during lockdown?  Let us know on facebook.