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Five Reasons To Buy A Land Rover

Five Reasons To Buy A Land Rover


The iconic Land Rover has excellent off-road capabilities combined with luxury and technology. Discover 5 reasons why a Land Rover is the best

Why should I buy a Land Rover?

  • You Like to off-road - There’s virtually nothing that could stop a Land Rover from getting anywhere you want it to go!

  • You love your luxury - Always finished in the finest materials and the latest technology

  • You want to drive the best - This amazing has won many awards including "What Car? Best Large SUV of the Year"

  • You value safety - Equipped with numerous features that greatly improve your wellbeing behind the steering wheel.

  • You need your space - Advantages of SUVs over other vehicle classes is interior space.

Britain's beloved Land Rover has been setting benchmarks in both luxury and off-road performance for decades. From the first utilitarian Land Rover in 1948 through to the latest collection of Range Rovers, each has served as the ultimate multifunction vehicle.

When Land Rover’s Range Rover first hit the market in the 1970s, it was seen as revolutionary because it felt equally at home whether it was parked in the fanciest neighborhoods, or roaming the countryside with two hounds and a hunting rifle in the boot!

Over the years, Land Rover's philosophy hasn't changed at all and whether you choose a new or pre-owned model the brand continues to offer superb off-roaders with equal levels of luxury and practicality with all Land Rovers offering nothing but the best in their market segments. The many positives of this iconic brand can be grouped into five strong reasons why you should consider buying a Land Rover.

You like to off-road

Blue Range Rover Sport Driving up a rocky mountain

While you might think every other luxury SUV has compromised its off-road agility for luxury and comfort, Land Rover has never run away from its muddy roots. That’s why every car of the marque can escape the city and get all dirty and muddy somewhere where that creates the urge to wear Hunter boots and a Barbour jacket!

Even the smallest and the most city-oriented Evoque can conquer mild terrain, while the Discovery, Velar and Range Rover have remarkable performance off the tarmac. For example, the Discovery has 900mm maximum wading depth, meaning that it can cross water like it’s nothing. Thanks to intelligent all-wheel drive, and a host of electronic aids, there’s virtually nothing that could stop a Land Rover from getting anywhere you want it to go. And when you get bored with the terrain, you can just change your shoes and return to town for your daily commute and grocery shopping.

You love your luxury

Interior of a Range Rover Evoque, Black leather seating as well as controlling and steering wheel in view

Land Rover has never felt the need to compromise on luxury in favour off-road performance either. The interior of every Landie is like a living room on wheels, finished in finest materials including brushed aluminum, wood and leather. Unmatched comfort is also reflected in the numerous amenities throughout the interior, such as the latest entertainment systems, climate control and sophisticated driving aids.

For example, the Evoque has soft-grained leather seats as standard, while the top of the line Autobiography has a complete Windsor leather interior and 8-inch touchscreen InControl Touch Pro infotainment system. The Velar can have two 10-inch HD touchscreens, mood lighting, and Head-up Display, among other things.

Even in the Discovery, the level of comfort is superior to that expected of a car that was built for wandering off the roads and into the wild. The Range Rover offers benchmark luxury and class in its market segment with a superbly styled interior. Some features of the Range Rover include 10.2-inch TV screens with headphones and a rear media panel, features usually reserved for the most opulent saloons.

You want to drive the best

White Range Rover Discovery driving on a road through hills

By buying a Land Rover you’re buying a piece of finest British motoring history. Wherever a Land Rover is present, it brings nothing but the best. This fact is demonstrated by a host of awards that have been bestowed on the brand, most recently What Car? Best Large SUV of the Year 2017.

Each model has its own notable features. There’s the high class of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and cosmopolitan city-buzzing allure of the compact Evoque, Evoque Convertible and the bigger Velar. The spirit of adventure lives through the Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport models, and all are available at Stafford Land Rover.

You value safety

Rear view of a White Range Rover Evoque parked up by the sea

With great off-road capabilities comes even greater responsibility to keep the driver and the occupants safe should anything go wrong. That’s why all Land Rovers are equipped with numerous features that greatly improve your wellbeing behind the steering wheel, and construction designed to provide optimal stability and crash protection in case of an accident. The Evoque has driver, front passenger and side airbags as standard, while the Discovery range boasts seven front, side and curtain airbags, and the Range Rover goes one better with eight airbags.

Apart from active safety features, safety improvement systems include Electronic Stability Control, ABS, blind spot monitor, 360° parking assist, Speed Limit Alerts, Terrain Response and Hill Descent Control. All of these systems are designed to keep driver and passengers safe and sound whether on the road or somewhere far away from it.

You need your space

View of Range Rover boot

One of the defining advantages of SUVs over other vehicle classes is interior space, and that’s where Land Rover also offers practicality that’s hard for the competition to match. The Evoque has a 575-litre boot, but that space can be extended to 1,445 litres if the rear seats get folded.

The Discovery Sport has 1,698 litres of space in the rear, while the Discovery boasts more than 2,000 litres of space behind the first or 926 litres of space behind the second row. The Range Rover has a 909-litre load space which can be further expanded, while its Sport counterpart has 748 litres of space that can be expanded to an amazing 1,761 litres when the rear seats fold down.

If you need any more reassurance that the Land Rover marque offers the best in SUVs, take a closer look at the range at Stafford Land Rover. If you make your choice, you could be heading back home with the ultimate car for any road or rough terrain out there!

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