First UK Sighting Of New Citroen C3 - In Chester Shopping Centre!

First UK Sighting Of New Citroen C3 - In Chester Shopping Centre!

By Swansway Motor Group 02-10-2016


Grosvenor shopping centre in Chester was one of the chosen venues for a first appearance of a vital car for the new Citroen C3 small hatchback

​Citroen C3 unveiled at Grosvenor Shopping Centre!

When it comes to unlikely places to make a first-time spot of a brand new car, one of the north’s most prestigious shopping arcades would rank pretty highly.

But the Grosvenor shopping centre in Chester was one of the chosen venues for a first appearance of a vital car for Citroen’s fortunes in the UK - the new C3 small hatchback.

The company claims that the car is...

...a fresh, bold and colourful five-door supermini that delivers new levels of advanced comfort and personality to its sector.

Most noticeably, the distinctive ‘airbump’ broad rubbing strips first seen on the C4 Cactus have been re-sized and incorporated into the design.

The Chester display in late October also let visitors explore the history of various other Citroen models through a series of interactive displays.

Every Journey In The Frame

An unusual feature of the new C3 is the camera mounted into the back of the rear-view mirror. It can be used to film or photograph a driver’s eye view of any journey, but can also capture evidence which could be useful in the event of any accident.

A total of 36 different body and roof colour combinations is available, while the dashboard is also offered in single colours or with contrasting colour accents in the seats and dash. An optional panoramic sunroof also creates a feeling of airiness and space, while the amount of brightness allowed in can also be adjusted by means of a blind over the roof.

A More Angled Look - A Softer Ride

The big fashion in car design right now is to create a more angular appearance, with manufacturers such as Fiat and Nissan claiming particular success in this field. With the C3, Citroen has taken a major step along the same path, taking a car which once boasted a distinctive rounded shape, and giving it a much more sweeping roofline, which puts down a much more sporting stance.

Harking back to the old days when Citroen was renowned for the quality of the suspension on its cars, the revamped C3 boasts softer dampers and springs, along with longer suspension strut travel.

Meanwhile, Autocar’s reviewers also pointed to one of the car’s major strengths, particularly in the small hatch field - that thanks to a wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustments, any driver should be able to find a comfortable seating position.

It Comes Down To The Looks

But whether the new Citroen C3 makes big inroads in its competitive small hatchback segment is likely to come down to what potential buyers think of its appearance. The guys at CAR magazine were certainly won over, remarking:

We like it. It feels like a return to form for the traditionally left-field manufacturer.

And as a first impression from a group of people who see just about every car which goes on sale, and so aren’t easily impressed, we reckon that will do nicely for the folks at Citroen.

Come and see what you make of the new Citroen C3 by seeing it in the metal at Swansway Citroen Chester.  It’s now available for you to take a test drive, so book yours soon.

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