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Fines for Deicing Errors

Fines for Deicing Errors


De-icing errors could see drivers slapped with fines

Failure to properly rid a windscreen of ice could be a costly mistake

Motorists who fail to properly clear their car windscreen of ice could face fines.

The offence, which is referred to as ‘pothole vision’, means that drivers have a restricted view out of the windscreen and is punishable by a £60 fine.

It’s an easy issue to avoid however; providing you properly remove the ice from your windscreen.

Deicing your frosty car windscreen

Resist the urge to start the car and leave it alone to warm up – this could potentially invalidate insurance cover while leaving it prey to theft.

The only items which should be used to clear a frozen screen and windows are de-icer and an ice scraper.

Pouring hot water over car’s glass is a definite no-no – despite screens improving in quality in recent years, this process is unlikely to do it any favours. At worst, it could irreparably damage it.

A spray of de-icer is the most favourable option. Spray it towards the top of the windows in order to allow it to fall over the entire glass section, then clear away any ice left over with the scraper.

It’s also worth checking to make sure that the windscreen washer jets aren’t frozen, and the same goes for the wipers themselves. A quick squirt of de-icer on them should ensure that they aren’t stuck.

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