Local children have benefitted from gifts galore.​

Volkswagen Van Centre Liverpool have been on Santa Patrol donating children’s Christmas presents to charity including Grangeway Court, a homeless lodge in Runcorn, which houses ten homeless families.

Kerrie Grant, Sales Administrator at the Van Centre, explained…

Each dealership in the Swansway Group chooses which children’s charities or group to donate their Santa Patrol presents too.

We asked Radio City Mission Christmas to advise us of a charity really in need and they told us about Grangeway Court. It’s wonderful to be able to spread some Christmas magic to these children. Then we heard there were teenagers too, some of them on their own and we wanted to make sure we included them.

Everyone at the dealership brought in something that we though a teenager would like, plus we bought some bedding sets for them. This is what Christmas should really be about and it’s been both a humbling and uplifting experience and I want to thank Swansway for their generosity.

Liverpool Van Centre donate toys to charity

If you would like to nominate a charity to receive children’s Christmas presents as part of the 2017 Swansway Santa Patrol please contact us here.