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F-Type And Range Rover: Beauty And The Beast

F-Type And Range Rover: Beauty And The Beast


We’re so excited about the remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that we've looked at our own Beauty and the Beast car combo

At Swansway Group, we’re so excited about the remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that, aside from dancing around the showrooms and offices, and singing at the top of our voices, we’ve been inspired to look at our own Beauty and the Beast car combo

It might very well be a Tale as Old as Time but the new live action version of the 1991 Disney animation promises to be nothing short of spectacular. 

While generally sticking to the same well-loved tale, the 2017 revamp - starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens - apparently has a few surprises up its sleeve, much like many of our cars.

There are so many good looking cars out there - Audi R8, Alfa Romeo 4C, Honda Civic Type R - and an increasing number of big and bold motors - Jeep Grand Cherokee, Volkswagen Touareg, all-new Discovery - that it’s tough to choose just two to compare. We’ve plumped for the Jaguar F-Type and the Range Rover SVR - two very different cars that, like Belle and the Prince, funnily enough do share many of the same qualities.

Be Our Guest as we discover Swansway Group’s own Beauty and the Beast - the Jaguar F-Type and the Range Rover SVR - and the qualities that each one has which makes them such great drives.


Jaguar F-Type Range Rover SVR
Length: 4.48m Length: 4.87m
Width: 1.92m Width: 2.07m
Height: 1.31m Height: 1.77m
Engine: 3.0 Litre Supercharged or 5.0 litre/V8 Supercharged Petrol Engine: 5.0 Litre LR-V8 Supercharged Petrol
Max Speed: 155 - 186 MPH Max Speed: 176 MPH
0-62 mph: 5.4 - 3.5 sec 0-62 mph: 4.3 sec
Transmission: 8-speed automatic Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Power: 300-575 bhp Power: 575 bhp
Maximum Torque (Nm): 400-700 Torque (Nm): 700
MPG combined: 29.7-26.4 MPG combined: 19.3
CO2 emissions: 216-243 g/km CO2 emissions: 331 g/km


In our tale, heroine Jaguar F-Type, renowned for its good looks, proves that, like Belle, it has brains as well as beauty. Combining the best in design, technology and performance, it’s more than capable of winning over driver and passenger with its pleasant disposition and outstanding abilities.

Its low profile boasts a plunging roofline and a chiselled rear while a sports exhaust and alloy wheels add to its stunning appearance. Sparkling, adaptive LED headlamps hint at the cheeky personality of a car that knows it can get away with pretty much anything - no terrain is a problem. Unlike other sports cars, it glides over bumps in a reassuringly comfortable manner, although adaptive dampers are available on S and R models for anyone preferring a more jaunty ride.

Like any princess, the F-Type moves like a dream with standard rear-wheel or optional four-wheel drive. Its lightweight aluminium construction handles well with accurate, well-weighted steering and great grip making easy work of the most demanding of roads. The all-wheel drive option increases performance, allowing this elegant sports car to use its Intelligent Driveline Dynamics to send extra power to the front wheels if it detects that the rear tyres are losing grip.

Inside, we see the softer, more intuitive side of the F-Type with grained leather and suede cloth upholstery. Low level, slim but cosy sports seats allow the driver to feel that they are truly in charge as the wrap-around console places everything within easy reach. The   'InControl' Touch Pro is Jaguar’s most advanced infotainment system to date with apps for media streaming, navigation, climate and parking, all operated from a customisable touch screen and voice recognition.

We’ve noticed one final thing that the F-Type shares with Belle - they both sound as good as they look:


Just as the film has been remodelled to make use of new technology and updated special effects, our hero, the Range Rover SVR, has also had a tech-filled makeover. While it’s no less broad and muscular than previous incarnations it’s noticeably more sure-footed and agile.


At nearly half a metre taller and 40cm longer, the Range Rover SVR dwarfs the F-Type, although, despite its size and weight difference of around 700kg, the SVR is also very nimble on the road, capable of reaching similar speeds to the sports car (where traffic laws permit). Steering is responsive and the 8-speed transmission provides the sharpest of gear changes with innovative torque vectoring ensuring a smooth distribution of power between all wheels.

Looks-wise, the xenon headlamps, strong black front grille and rear spoiler could indeed be mistaken for a beast approaching, but the roar of a 5.0-litre engine running through a four-tailpipe Active Sports Exhaust System means that there’s very little chance of this animal creeping up on you. With a top speed of 162mph, this the fastest motor ever built by Land Rover.

Inside, you might think that sports seats are out of place in such a high profile car, however, these memory leather seats do a fantastic job of holding the driver and passengers firmly in place both on and off road. Perfect for the Prince’s tendency to wander off into the forest! If he utilises the Remote Park Heat and Timed Climate (programmable up to 7 days) he’ll always find a comfortably warm or cooled car whenever he returns.

The new film should fill any plot holes in the original animated version - such as the introduction of a curse that wipes the villagers’ memories so that they forget that the castle exists - the new Range Rover SVR has been examined with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that everything that can be tweaked has been, resulting in the ultimate performance SUV drive.

Of course, the Range Rover SVR will always have an advantage over the Jaguar F-Type where space is concerned, with the addition of rear passenger seats and an extra 80 litres of boot space. But if there’s anything we can learn from Beauty and the Beast, it’s that good things come in all sizes and from the most unlikely of places.

Just as the new Beauty and the Beast promises to offer a better cinematic experience with live-action characters, the F-Type and the Range Rover SVR must also be seen in real life to be appreciated.


If you want to live happily ever after with your own beauty or beast, get yourself down to Swansway Group’s new Jaguar dealership in Crewe and established Land Rover dealership in Stafford to discover first-hand what you might have in common with these two very different cars.