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Exclusive Trim For New F-TYPE

Exclusive Trim For New F-TYPE

By Swansway Motor Group 31-03-2017


Following the opening of Swansway Jaguar Crewe, Swansway Group introduce to you a new trim option available to make a Jaguar F-TYPE individual to its owner.

The new Jaguar F-TYPE is leaving the competition behind in the sports car arena by virtue of its extensive list of optional extra features.

There are vast choices available with regard to an extensive range of sophisticated finishes - the latest of which is one that has come about in response to a handful of customer requests which have been received by Swansway Group at it’s new Crewe-based Jaguar dealership.

The collaboration between Swansway Group and a local designer has been arranged as part of events to coincide with the opening of the latest addition to the Swansway Group, the exciting new Swansway Jaguar dealership in Crewe.

Spot The Difference

Living up to its promise to give Jaguar F-TYPE customers “a combination of functional ergonomics with sporting style”, Swansway Group’s team in Crewe has taken this a step further by premiering a new interior trim option.

In keeping with the car’s extensive use of “contemporary British craftsmanship, hand-picked premium materials and sophisticated finishes” - we’re quoting from Jaguar’s official sales material for the F-TYPE here - there’s now a further option which is the result of this exclusive collaboration between Swansway Group and the cream of local design talent.


Yes, it’s a strictly limited-run Jaguar print interior (pictured), which promises to bring a true feeling of the jungle to the inside of your car - even if the only one you’re ever likely to experience in your F-TYPE is the urban variety.

It’s in those surroundings that this trim finish, which has taken several years to develop, will really stand out, enabling the discerning F-TYPE owner to really make their mark.

Jaguar F-Type leopard print interior

We managed to grab a few quick words with the artist responsible for this unique interior design, Sean O’Foole, who told us where he got the inspiration for our jaguar-trim Jaguar.

He said: “This project from Swansway Group as part of its celebrations of the opening of its new Jaguar dealership in Crewe seemed to me an imaginative idea, and a chance to explore the possibilities of taking a design theme to its ultimate limit.

“My objective with the Jaguar print interior was to completely dispel the myth that this kind of look is in any way tacky, or that it isn’t capable of being tastefully adapted for a proud automotive brand of the stature of Jaguar.

Having studied the beautiful markings of the animal in depth, it was clear that it lent itself well to the lithe, sporty looks of the F-TYPE. It should certainly turn a few heads when a proud owner pulls up alongside others driving far less distinguished vehicles!”

Due to the complexity of the production process and the opulent materials involved, Swansway Group is only able to offer this option on 30 vehicles. And this also means that we have a strict deadline of 11.59am on Saturday 1 April by which we can accept orders.

You can see this individual F-TYPE with a finish which will leave you ‘feline’ rather special at the special opening event of Swansway Jaguar dealership in Crewe on Saturday 1 April.

To register your interest in Swansway Group’s exclusive Jaguar F-TYPE adaptation, as well as the rest of the Jaguar range, fill in our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you by your preferred contact method to let you in on more exciting details.

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