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Errant Swan Causes Mayhem on M5

Errant Swan Causes Mayhem on M5


A stray swan caused chaos for motorists on the M5 Motorway before being caught by the police!

A swan has found itself in a sticky situation, having to be retrieved by police after motorists reported sightings on the M5.

The stray bird was spotted near Junction 31 of the motorway, near Exeter. A Devon and Cornwall Police unit, as well as staff from Highways England, ultimately captured the bird.

The incident occurred at roughly 8:30AM and concluded when the swan was lured into a coned-off area of the hard shoulder.

Tweet re Swan on M5 motorway

The situation immediately drew cinematic parallels online, thanks to a running gag in action comedy film Hot Fuzz, which follows police officers in rural England. During the film, a missing Swan escaped from ‘the castle’ and became a recurring antagonist for Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) and Constable Daniel Butterman (Nick Frost).

In a parallel to the film, a part of director Edgar Wright’s ‘Cornetto trilogy’ series, the swan ultimately found itself in the back seat of a police car, before being released safely into a local canal.

This is not the first time that swan capturing has been on the agenda for real-life officers, with another incident occurring on the M5 in July. In addition, a swan found itself in a low-speed Norwich city centre foot chase in June. On all occasions, the ‘suspect’ was successfully apprehended.

M5 motorway traffic held up by rogue swan

Clearly, Police officers are self-aware when their duties reflect the 2007 cinematic release, with the Devon and Cornwall force tweeting a picture of Pegg and Frost’s characters while updating the public on the situation.

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