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Envelope of cash tops list of strangest items found left in just-sold cars

Envelope of cash tops list of strangest items found left in just-sold cars


Variety of strange and mysterious items have been found left behind in cars.

An envelope with £10,000 inside has topped a list of the strangest items left behind by car owners when selling their vehicles.

It comes ahead of a blood transfusion machine which was left behind in a vehicle at a dealership in Melksham, and a bag of horse manure which had been abandoned in a car in Falkirk.

Blood transfusion machine

And though the worried owner of the cash returned to their vehicle to reclaim it having left the sum stashed away under the passenger seat, the keeper of the bag of horse manure was less keen to take it back.

It follows on from a discovery last year of a person’s ashes inside a car. A son had been selling his late father’s vehicle and had mistakenly left his father’s ashes inside the car after the sale. Thankfully, they were later returned.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar.com, which made the series of discoveries, said: “At webuyanycar.com we always strive to go above and beyond for our customers and sometimes this means reuniting them with some strange items that have been left behind in cars.

“Two years ago we issued a roundup of some of the strange items we had uncovered in cars and it’s safe to say that the things we’ve discovered since then have only become more bizarre.’’

A seller’s ex-fiance’s engagement ring was also found on one occasion, attached to the spare key. A four-year out-of-date tin of beans was also discovered under the driver’s seat of one car in Wrexham, too.