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Drivers warned to mount navigation devices carefully or risk fine

Drivers warned to mount navigation devices carefully or risk fine


Whether a sat-nav or mobile phone, incorrectly mounting a device on your windscreen can put you in line for a hefty penalty

A motoring organisation has warned of the danger of incorrectly mounted sat-navs in cars, which could net you a fine and up to three penalty points.

Many of us operate a sat-nav or have our phones mounted to our car windscreens, but do we know how to position them correctly? GEM Motoring Assist has warned that many drivers simply place the devices where they have the best view of them, and not necessarily in the safest – or most legal – locations.

According to the Highway Code, windscreens and windows should be kept clear of ‘obstructions to vision’. That means a sat-nav or phone mounted in the centre of the windscreen could be in contravention to the code – and put the driver at risk of prosecution.

GEM road safety officer, Neil Worth, said:

“If you have received a sat-nav for Christmas, then do take a few moments to choose a safe and legal part of your windscreen to fit it.” He suggests the bottom right corner of the windscreen.

“Satnavs are great for relieving a lot of motoring stress. But if you’re obscuring your field of view in the process, then you are putting yourself and others at considerable risk. A typical large screen sat nav device measuring nearly seven inches wide by four inches high has the potential to restrict a driver’s field of view, especially if it’s mounted in the centre of the windscreen below a large rear view mirror.”

The same advice applies to mobile phones mounted inside the car. Motorists risk up to three penalty points if their vision is obstructed.

One solution is to mount the sat-nav or phone on the car’s dashboard rather than windscreen. Many solutions are available, which secure phones in locations such as a cupholder, air vent or disused CD slot.

Remember too that interacting with your device while on the move carries a fine of £200 and six penalty points.