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Drivers playing loud music could soon face £100 fine

Drivers playing loud music could soon face £100 fine


New rules in Bradford are part of a clampdown on anti-social behaviour

Drivers who are found to be playing music at anti-social levels could soon face a £100 fine, if new measures introduced in Bradford sweep across the rest of the nation.

Those people in the area who are playing music too loudly can now be slapped with a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

These can also be handed out if someone is found to be revving their car’s engine too loudly, or harassing people from a moving vehicle.

The system has been put into place after a public consultation in Bradford found that 70 per cent of residents felt unsafe out on the public roads.

One of the reasons was cited as loud music coming from other vehicles.

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, told the Express: “[This is] a move which I believe will help to tackle a number of anti-social behaviour and road safety related issues.

“Road safety is clearly a significant area of interest in Bradford and for many communities across the county and remains a key focus in my Police and Crime Plan.

“The PSPO will complement the significant work already undertaken by West Yorkshire Police, the Council and other partners in the District such as Operation Steerside which targets wider road safety offences and behaviour.”