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Things That Only Drivers In Chester Would Understand

Things That Only Drivers In Chester Would Understand


Representing 6 brands in Chester, our blog discusses everything from Roodee traffic to Ancient Romans: Things Only Drivers In Chester Will Understand.

Chester: Our Fair City

Walled and beautiful, it attracts 31 million visitors each year, with our Zoo being the most visited tourist attraction in the UK, outside of London.

With several of our dealerships located in Chester, we at Swansway Group are lucky to be able to regularly experience the delights of this remarkable city. Oozing with history, culture, fine food and even finer shopping, there’s nothing more we could ask for... except occasionally a few better roads!

For with any city comes the challenge of getting from one side to the other, making the daily commute or taking the children out for a trip at the weekend - and no we don’t always go to the Crocky Trail!

These are things that only Cestrian drivers would understand and although the stereotypes around Chester occasionally frustrate us, every last one of them ultimately makes us proud to have no fewer than 4 of our car dealerships within and around Chester’s fair walls!

Spotting Stars In Their Cars

With several premier league football clubs and TV soaps within a short distance of Chester, there’s a very good chance you will spot at least one celebrity while queueing in traffic.

Whether you’re a fan of football or soaps, you’ll bump into the stars of the pitch or TV at alarming regularity. So make sure you have your stock answers ready for the age-old questions, “Do you know anyone from Hollyoaks?” and “Have you been on Footballers’ Wives?”

Getting Lost In Translation

We love our Welsh neighbours dearly but it can be a bit of a surprise when you realise that you’ve crossed the border into the Land of Song which lies just a short way down Sealand Road from Swansway Group’s Chester Peugeot Dealership. The bilingual road signs are a dead giveaway and it’s surprising how much of the Celtic language we’ve picked up simply by driving from A to B.

In fact, pretty much everything west of Chester is Welsh so don’t be surprised if you are asked which part of Wales you hail from. Iechyd da!

Avoiding The Roodee

We all know that Chester Races is a great day out… unless you are trying to navigate the streets surrounding the event at the Roodee, the oldest racecourse in Britain and a stone's throw from Swansway Group’s Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Fiat, Jeep and Peugeot Dealerships. Trying to head into the city centre by car during one of Chester’s race meetings can take a lot of planning.

Race-goers dressed in their finery fill the roads with coaches and taxis, as they arrive at the beginning of the day. More interesting yet is the evening, as the horsemen and women stagger in their droves from the Roodee to the pubs, clubs and bars on Watergate St.

Whether it’s to spend their winnings or drown their sorrows, they re-appear in the very early hours to wearily saunter back through the cobbled streets of Chester, hotel-bound and, one way or another, a happy camper.

Giving Way To The Romans

Traffic wardens and lollipop ladies might be a common sight on the roads of most British cities, but we Cestrians are more used to seeing a Centurion or two stopping the traffic!

Whether they are leading a tour around Chester or carrying out a full-on re-enactment, our Roman warriors are just another part of what makes Chester so great.

It’s never all that much fun to be in Chester on a Friday evening on the A51, travelling from Stamford Bridge towards The Bars roundabout, when you just want to get home after a hard day’s work. Yes, we know it tends to be bad but hey, it’s Friday night and we’re not about to let our weekend get off on the wrong foot!

Being the fifth most congested stretch of road in Britain, rush hour drivers along this route have each been subjected to an average of 26 hours of delays over the course of the last year!

Being the fifth most congested stretch of road in Britain, rush hour drivers along this route have each been subjected to an average of 26 hours of delays over the course of the last year!

Being Wall-To-Wall In Tourists

Where else on the planet can you drive to work along a 2000 year old piece of history? Those of us from Chester can tend to take the walls for granted on our way to the amphitheatre but ultimately we’re lucky to live amongst such wonderful pieces of history.

Our Roman theatre is the largest in Britain and our walls are some of the most well preserved in the world. Is it any wonder Chester attracts so many wide-eyed tourists sightseeing in glee!

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