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Driver loses footing, leading to spectacular crash

Driver loses footing, leading to spectacular crash


A CCTV camera has captured a spectacular crash involving a driver, who reportedly lost their footing behind the wheel.

Footage captured in Atlanta, USA, shows the Japanese hatchback losing control in a car park. As the Mazda exits the screen a lone hubcap wobbles back into shot – giving a hint as to the catastrophe that happened next.

Another angle captured the full event — with the Mazda2 landing on the roof of another building, before flipping over and crashing upside down in front of a car wash below.


A report from local news service WSB-TV claims the 63-year-old driver, Stanley Clarke, had his foot stuck between the throttle and brake pedals — leading to him losing control of the vehicle. He is believed to have escaped without serious injury.

The roof which the Mazda2 crashed onto was that of a chiropractic office. At the time of the incident, chiropractor Dr. Aletha Chappelear was in the building.

Speaking to WSB-TV, she said:

“[the crash] shook the foundation of the building and the walls. It’s truly a miracle that things happened the way that they did and that no one was hurt.”

Although nobody was reportedly injured, the same can’t be said for the Mazda2 — which looks like it’ll need more than a valet to get back to its original condition.