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Dream Cars for Mums

Dream Cars for Mums


Does being 'a Mum' define the car you can drive? Does motherhood mean goodbye to fun and hell to the mundane, practical or even downright dull!

Does being 'a Mum' define the car you can drive? Does motherhood mean goodbye to fun and hello to the mundane, practical or even downright dull! Absolutely not!

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, ideal cars for mums conjures thoughts of …

  • Cars with practical boots for prams, footballs, netballs, swimming gear, and so on …
  • Cars with plenty of seats for the little darlings and their friends.
  • Cars with leather seats or wipe clean upholstery; easier to clean up baby puke, exploded nappies, smeared chocolate, mud, ground in biscuits and so on and on and on and on…
  • Cars with loads of Isofix points.
  • Cars that are easily accessible, easier to get the little lovelies in and out of.
  • Cars with plenty of storage for all the ruddy paraphernalia that goes along with our little blessings.
  • Cars your teenager can learn to drive in without the insurance premium bankrupting you.
  • Cars that make the ideal teens Mum’s taxi.

London black cab with lights on

But why should Mums always have to be practical, always be thinking of others first?

In an ideal world, where wine flows freely, where there’s always a gin and tonic waiting; where there’s no such thing as a bad Mum, Mum-shaming, or Mummy guilt-tripping, what kind of car would Mums really like to drive?

I suspect few mothers would be behind the wheel of an MPV if we had a say in the matter, practical they may be, but they look like a loaf of bread and heart-stopping or head-turning they’re certainly not.

A car with just two seats, so the tribe simply cannot come with you…(oops, sorry kids), or possibly, even better, a car with just one seat, so you can escape everyone and have that much talked about, but never achieved ‘me time’.

A romantic convertible perhaps or a sports car, something with acceleration to make your heart race, something to give you the feeling of the freedom of youth and those heady days when your time was all your own and leaving the house didn’t feel like you were mobilising an army.

A car that says you’re dangerous, and exciting and full of mystery and definitely not the woman in the invisibility cloak, always introduced as ‘this is (insert your little darling’s name here) Mummy’.

A car that would have the playground mafia, swivel-eyed and foaming at the mouth…Oh, we’d all like that car!

So, for all Mums out there on Mother’s Day, I say forget the practical, it’s time to dream…

‘I want to feel the wind in my hair’

Who hasn’t dreamed of being in the passenger seat of a cabriolet, an impossibly gorgeous man behind the wheel, the wind in your hair and the French Riviera whizzing by…

A cabriolet, the gorgeous Cote d’Azur and a hunky man; breakfast in Villefranche sur Mer, a leisurely and stunning drive up to Saint Paul de Vence for a late lunch and then onto Cannes for dinner, followed by partying the night away in Baoli.

There’s no better car for one of the world’s greatest days out than the stunning Audi TT RS Roadster; take in the amazing views, the beautiful weather and no need to pack baby wipes…

audi tt rs roadster

‘I want to be alone’

It would be a struggle to find you a road-legal one-seater car, but if you’re prepared to settle for two seats and head-turning gorgeousness, then I suggest you get behind the wheel of the Jaguar F-Type.

While the seriously sexy E-Type Jag defined the hedonism of the sixties, this latest incarnation oozes the same sex appeal; it could be love at first sight and once you’re sat behind the wheel, you won’t want to turn back.

White Jaguar F-Type sports car driving towards you at sunset

‘I want to be Lady Penelope’

If you always envied Lady Penelope, being chauffeured wherever she went, then there are a couple of cars which mean you could have a Parker all of your own.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in the rear of an Audi A8; if you really want to luxuriate while your Parker is at the wheel then you can opt for a long wheelbase model, the Audi A8L, meaning you can easily starfish in the rear.

Both of these cars offer delicious decadence along with a ludicrously long list of options, including what I think we can all agree should be the obligatory champagne cooler. Bliss.

audi a8l interior

‘I want to feel an adrenalin rush’

Some of us have the need for speed, to feel the rush that only breath-taking acceleration can bring, to be in control of something seriously powerful.

Girl racers are spoilt for choice here with iconic VW Golf GTi and cult Honda Type R leading the way in the look-at-me super not-hatch stakes. Watch those wannabe boy racers in their go-faster striped Vauxhall Corsas turn green with envy.

If your all out need for speed can only be quenched by a supercar, then there’s the out and out speed machine, the Audi R8; fast, furious and a mighty fine machine, get your pedal to the metal.

volkswagen golf gti

‘I want to be one of the girls’

If you want to relive your youth, then there’s no more perfect car than the retro Fiat 500. It’s now reached cult status, even garnering its own twitter demographic; the 500 is cute and cool, its interior a statement of Italian design flair. No car says young, free and single; footloose and fancy-free like the Fiat 500.

It may not turn heads at the school gate, but it will evoke memories of youthful lost weekends of partying, girlie holidays and all things fun, flirty and feminine.

Blue roll top Fiat 500 against a pink wall tih a sixties style girld stood beside it

So, next time you’re changing your car; comparing the capaciousness of the boots, counting the cupholders, twanging the string backed seats to see if they’ll hold enough ‘stuff’; take a moment to dream that one day, OK, maybe years from now, but one day, you’ll be driving the car of your dreams and your choice will fly in the face of the practical!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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