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Disabled Child's Mum Angered and Disgusted by 'Laziness' Note on Car

Disabled Child's Mum Angered and Disgusted by 'Laziness' Note on Car


The mother of a four-year-old boy with complex medical needs has been left furious after returning to her parked vehicle to find a note accusing her of misusing her Blue Badge.

Emma Gearing’s son Reggie has several conditions and needs to be fed via a peg inserted into his stomach.

However, she discovered the anonymous note calling her lazy after parking her car in a disabled bay in Maidstone, Kent, to visit the doctors and pick up her other son Ryan, who is seven, from school.

It read: “Laziness is not a disability. Using a disabled badge when you don’t need it could cost you £2,000 and permanent removal of the badge. Don’t take your good health for granted.”

Hitting back, Gearing slammed the culprit as “heartless”. In a post on Facebook, the 26-year-old said she would have happily shown them the peg, which Reggie was attached to when getting out of the car.

She added: “I think it is disgusting how people can judge to so quickly.

“Pushchair, walking, wheelchair whatever is used you should never ever judge anyone!! I feel so sorry for anyone who has gone through this themselves.”

Her post – which starts “Not all disabilities are visible” – has received a massive reaction and shows of support from people left similarly angry, with one writing: “That is disgusting . . . If only they knew what your little boy goes through day to day.”