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Dashcam captures terrifying road-rage incident

Dashcam captures terrifying road-rage incident


Reckless motorists swerve all over the carriageway during aggressive confrontation

Dashcam captures two SUVs battling it out in terrifying road-rage incident

A dashcam has captured terrifying footage of two drivers battling it out in their cars while on a public road in America.

The bout of road rage took place on Route 32 in Columbia, Maryland, and was caught on the built-in dashcam of a Tesla Model 3.

The car equipped with the camera can be seen joining the freeway in heavy traffic, with three lanes of traffic merging into two.

The driver of a white Ford SUV seems to set tempers fraying to begin with, merging clumsily into the outside lane, forcing a black Nissan crossover to slam on its brakes.

The manoeuvre causes the Nissan driver to see red, as they immediately put their foot down and swing in front of the Ford, putting the brakes on and forcing both vehicles to stop.

What happens next would surely be terrifying for following traffic, as the two cars start weaving across the freeway.

The Nissan driver is clearly determined not to let the Ford past, even forcing it to swerve onto the hard shoulder to avoid a collision.

Following drivers are obviously reluctant to overtake the pair, and a large gap is created in front of them – which the Ford driver exploits by putting his or her foot down in a bid to get away from the aggressive Nissan.

The two cars then drive out of sight of the camera car.

According to the video’s description, the Tesla driver called the police to report the two cars just after the end of the clip.

There’s been no word on whether either driver was prosecuted, but if they were they could each have been liable for a fine of up to $1,000 (£780) – the maximum penalty for reckless driving in Maryland.