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Complicated Car Seat Questions: Kids Want To Know Everything

Complicated Car Seat Questions: Kids Want To Know Everything

By Swansway Motor Group 30-05-2017


Kids don't half ask some complicated questions in the back of the car, but coming up with the answers can be a bit trickier. Check out some of our faves…

Complicated Car Seat Questions: Kids Want To Know Everything

If there's one thing that all kids seem to have in common it's asking some complicated questions. Families shopping for cars at Swansway Group have told us many tales - we’ve heard all sorts! Of course, children presume that you know everything so you have to come up with a good answer, you don't want to let them down. You want them to think you actually do know everything about everything under the sun, at least until they’re 21… hmm… maybe 33!

In a recent survey conducted by Kiddicare 50% of the 2460 respondents stated that the car was the most difficult environment of all in which to answer these seemingly important conundrums. That's no surprise really when you're trying to focus on driving or you're having trouble finding your way somewhere!

When you're in the car there's just no escape, your kids have you as a captive audience for their inquiring minds! You’re in the hot seat; there’s no way out. Does it test your patience or do you find it endearing?

Some back seat questions are just terribly awkward. But you'll also get some funny queries and some downright difficult puzzlers!

How are rainbows made?

By magical unicorns!

Cartoon car with driver and passenger

56% of people felt under pressure to give the right answer which leads to 11% of us Googling the answer. However, 13% of us simply give up and make up a ridiculous answer just to keep them quiet.

Daddy can I grow a beard like you?

Of course, just concentrate really hard on your chin!

Fathe and son in a cartoon car

18% of people took the easy route out and simply answered the questions with a question.

Why is the sky blue?

Why do you think it's blue?

Because it's God's favourite colour and he painted it?

Yes that's right!

Questions from children during a road trip

The most difficult posers to answer are those about the big issues in life. Of all the car seat questions we get asked, we fear these the most. We don't like to be interrogated about where babies come from while we're in the car, we're also often flummoxed by science questions; but the most troubling queries, according to the survey, are those about death.

My goldfish died. Are you going to die Mummy?

Not for a very long time son.

cartoon illustration of mother and son talking in the car whilst mother is driving the red car

These are the trickiest answers to find. The ones that have you turning up your car’s air con as you feel yourself breaking into a sweat. Give a wrong response and your little one might dwell on it and get upset, but it's too serious an issue to give a silly or flippant answer. Fail to answer at all and you'll only have them thinking about it and jumping to their own conclusions.

These are just not the sort of questions you want to be dealing with when you're driving a car. There's no escaping it though, children will always ask questions at the worst possible time, they seem to have a special knack for it.

Being distracted while driving is a huge cause of road accidents so always be careful not to get too preoccupied with your answer. If a question is particularly tricky then why not suggest that you'll talk about it later in depth when you're not in the car. That also gives you a chance to do some sneaky research so you know exactly what you're talking about!

How does the car work?

Well son, I know a lot about this, but it's very complicated so I'll tell you all about it later.

Cartoon car with dad and son in it

When a child is feeling curious, they can also be fidgety so it's really important to make sure they are well strapped into a suitable car seat. Don’t forget to make sure you’re complying with all the new car seat safety laws that have recently been brought in.

While the difficult in-car questions might frustrate you, the funny ones you'll remember forever. Those driving past your car will wonder what’s amused you so much. It's always worth writing them down. They'll raise a smile when you read them back years later and of course they can always be used to embarrass your kids when they're older.

Why does Grandma have a crinkly face?

Because she hasn't ironed it, of course!

Why does Grandma have a crinkly face? Because she hasn't ironed it!

Here at the Swansway Group we have a massive selection of family cars, guaranteed to distract your little ones from these testing quizzes, so why not drop in to your nearest Swansway Group dealership to see what we have available? Perhaps you might want to consider one with backseat screens, you might not get asked quite so many awkward questions if they're engrossed in the latest Disney film!

Dad: “Why do cows have four legs?”

Kids: “Oh be quiet Dad! We're trying to watch Beauty and the Beast”

Questions from children during a road trip

Ah, peace at last. At least for a little while...

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