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CJ's Just like his Daddy

CJ's Just like his Daddy


A heart warming story from Swansway Group about a devoted Father and his Son who received a wonderful gift from his daddy's colleagues!

Super-cutie CJ adores his Daddy, Anthony Hamill, and in turn, Anthony never stops talking about his beloved CJ

His workmates at Crewe SEAT, where Anthony is Valeting Supervisor, were touched by Anthony’s devotion to his son and without him knowing, they ordered a work top for CJ, just like his daddy’s!

The specially commissioned top has the same Crewe SEAT logo and CJ’s name embroidered on it just like daddy’s. Anthony was blown away with this one-off gift and CJ loves his special present, in fact he refuses to take it off!

Anthony’s partner Steph McAvoy commented, “CJ and his dad are like two peas in a pod, I’ve never seen a bond so strong as the one they have! CJ wants to come and work with his dad every day; now he has a matching top, he says he's part of the team”!

“I just wanted to thank his colleagues, it's an amazing thing for them to arrange and Anthony's lucky to work with such lovely people”, added Steph.

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