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Circus With A Purpose

Circus With A Purpose


For every Motability car sold, Swansway Group donate £20 to local Congleton based charity Circus Starr, to take a child and their carer to visit the Circus.

Congleton based ccharity, Circus Starr, continued its association with Swansway Motor Group Motability

David Smyth, director of the, Crewe based, family owned business, dropped into the Macclesfield show to hand over the latest instalment in the Group’s donations to this unique organisation

David explained,

For every car we sell on the Motability scheme we give £20 to Circus Starr; that’s the cost of one child and their parent or carer going to a Circus Starr performance; but, for the children who attend, this is so much more than a trip to the circus.

Delighted fundraising Manager, Simone Unett explained,

We’re so excited with a further £2,640 donation from Swansway; for kids and their parents, visiting a Circus Starr performance can be life changing, as it was for 4 ½ year old Tilly and her mum, Hanna.

Swansway Motability donates to Circus Starr charity

Hanna takes up the story,

When Tilly was born with an extremely rare condition, so rare no one actually knows what it is, I found myself in a very lonely, very scary and very overwhelming place.

Tilly has no reflexes, no speech, epilepsy, poor motor skills, no understanding and a tendency to be very violent, she uses a wheelchair as she tires very easily; life has not been easy for us.

Our time at the circus was one of the few times we’ve been able to go out as a family. No-one judged us, even though Tilly was screaming and shouting out enjoying herself.

There we were, in a Big Top full of families and children with special needs and it finally felt right. This is the community in which we belong and maybe after this I'll stop being so shy and overwhelmed in public and Tilly will be able to enjoy herself like other kids.

David added,

As a dad of three kids, I was very moved by Tilly and Hanna’s story and so happy that Swansway has been able to help in some small way.

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