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Christmas Gift Hiding Places

Christmas Gift Hiding Places


10 ingenious places to hide Christmas presents. With just a few weeks til Christmas, you’re no doubt in one of two camps - either starting to panic or smugly relaxing.

10 ingenious places to hide Christmas presents

Christmas presents

With just a few weeks til Christmas, you’re no doubt in one of two camps - either starting to panic that you haven’t started/finished/done enough gift shopping or smugly relaxing in front of a roaring fire, safe in the knowledge that all of your presents are bought, wrapped and stored, ready for the big day.

But are they? Safely stored, we mean. Because aside from the Christmas shopping challenge, there’s another annual problem that we all face, no matter how organised - that of the great Christmas gift stash!

Big or small, we all deserve a surprise on Christmas Day so no matter who you’ve bought gifts for, you’ll want to keep them hidden away until the 25th of December. The trouble is that what should be a simple job seems to increase in difficulty year after year with nearly a quarter of Britons admitting to snooping around for their Christmas presents ahead of the big day (Source: express.co.uk)

At Swansway Group we want everyone to have the perfect Christmas so, if you need a bit of inspiration to help you to complete your festive duties this year, take a look at our list of 10 Ingenious Places To Hide Christmas Presents.

1. The Bedroom

Not a very ingenious place to hide presents but it’s so obvious, it’s perfect. Whether it’s under the bed or on top of the wardrobe, the bedroom seems to be a fairly popular place to conceal those Christmas day trinkets, no doubt due to the fact that you can be fairly certain that you’ll recognise if someone has been snooping around your sanctuary.

Even better if you can hide the packages amongst other items that are usually stored in these locations...who’s going to notice another box or bag?

2. Cunningly-Labelled

Think inside the box by concealing gifts in a container labelled as something else entirely: ’Summer Clothes’ or ‘Birthday Decorations’, for example. This should throw prying eyes off the scent and provide you with easy access when the time comes to relocate the presents under the tree.

Remember to use a sturdy box as it will no doubt get heavy as you add more gifts to it and  you won’t want the bottom to fall out of your Christmas.

3. On Their Own Turf

Try taking a psychological approach by storing gifts in your kid’s own bedroom. It’s the last place they’ll think to look and if they are a typically messy minor, there’ll be plenty of jumble  to mask the buried treasure.

It’s the one time you’ll be glad that they don’t tidy their room but check back regularly to make sure the presents haven’t been thrown out in a cleaning frenzy - you should be so  lucky!

4. Chill Out

This might be a bit of a squeeze for a bicycle, however, the freezer is an excellent place to store small, non-electrical items such as jewellery, dolls, vouchers or tickets to an event. Wrap securely or place in a Tupperware box before hiding well under the frozen peas.

Guaranteed to foil even the most inquisitive, as long as you place the present well away from the ice cream.

Rear of MPV car packed with Christmas presents

5. Give It The Boot

Dry, safe and secure, the car boot is an obvious choice to covertly store gifts. All except the very biggest toys and games should fit safely into this (practically purpose-built) mobile storage unit.

It’ll be even easier to detect a present searching mission when every time the car is unlocked, indicator lights will flash an alert.

6. Caravan

Obviously, if you are lucky enough to have a caravan this should be your hiding place of choice. Add caution if it’s stored on your driveway as this might just be a bit too close for comfort. If, however, it’s parked up within easy travelling distance, this could feature in your perfect plan to ward off the peekers.

Don’t forget to clear all evidence before you suggest that last-minute festive break.

7. Storage Unit

You’ll be getting a bit desperate if you decide to rent a storage unit for the sole purpose of maintaining the Christmas surprise. However, if you have already acquired storage facilities for another purpose then why are you still sitting here?

Even if the gift recipients are regular visitors to this rented space, the belief that you would be so calculated as to use it for an alternative purpose would be far from their mind...wouldn’t it?

Clothes basket full of washing

8. Basket Case

Think of a place that no child would ever venture...and somewhere that no adult ever wants to. That’s right, the bottom of the laundry basket. Anything placed here can rest undisturbed for weeks, if not months!

If little ones have difficulty putting soiled clothes into the laundry basket, you can be sure that they will struggle to pull anything out. Fear of contamination, if not the thought of somehow getting dragged into housework duties will keep the nosey parkers at bay.

9. Up Or Down

If you have a relatively neglected loft or cellar now’s the time to put it to good use. A garage or shed will equally suffice. Quick mention of how scary, dusty and cold these areas are and a firmly locked door should be enough to ward away anyone who can’t wait for a surprise.

Remember to keep the key strictly under guard and be careful not to fall up or down steps as you go. Beware of creaky ladders and poor head space that might give the game away. Ouch!

10. Off The Premises

If all else fails, bring in reinforcements by recruiting the help of friends and relatives. They’ll no doubt sympathise with your predicament and offer their home as additional storage.

While your kids and partner might be happy to snoop around their own home, they’ll (hopefully) have enough manners to resist their investigative urges while visiting someone else's space.

If you’ve got a bit carried away with the Christmas shopping this year and think you might need a bigger car boot to safely store all those gifts, pop in to your local car dealer to take a look at some of the roomy and big cars that we have on offer.

We can provide you with honest advice on which make and model will best suit your needs, preparing you for another annual trial - the cross-country trek to visit all your relatives.