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Charging Ahead

Charging Ahead

By Swansway Motor Group 24-05-2018


There was a time, not so very long ago, when if you chose to buy and drive an electric car (EV) you were seen as something of an oddball; not anymore.

There was a time, not so very long ago, when if you chose to buy and drive an electric car (EV) you were seen as something of an oddball.

Oddball no more, with sporty, sexy, EV now coming on stream, you need only take a glance at the Jaguar i-Pace to see that electric no longer means tiny city car, it can mean gorgeous, desirable, economic and green.

Goegeous silver Jaguar i-Pace speeding through a desert background

So, as EV become desirable in themselves and the government legislates diesel and petrol engines out of the equation...

What’s holding you back from embracing the electric revolution?

Well, the answer for most of us is the fear of running out of charge.

Strangely, we don’t have the same fear of running out of petrol or diesel and this despite the fact the number of filling stations in the UK has dropped quite dramatically since 2000; from 13,107 to just 8,407, a decrease of 36%.

Volkswagen electric Golf plugged into a charger point

In contrast to this EV charging points are increasing at a rapid rate, from just a few hundred in 2010 to 16,252 currently; we’ll very soon be in a position where there are twice as many EV charging points as filling stations, something worth thinking about.

So, now what’s stopping you!

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The reason that charging points are so important is that the range of some EV is quite limited, necessitating charging after covering what some might consider a limited distance; but that’s all changing with Jaguar’s I-Pace able to cover almost 400 miles before needing a re-charge.

That extended range takes away the panic to charge and in doing so opens up the EV market to a much wider range of motorists. As the market for EV grows so does charging network which is on course to expand to 70,000 charging points by 2020 and over half a million forecast by 2030.

Lots of electric charger points and spaces outside a large Asda supermarket

Until there’s a charger on every street, at every supermarket and filling station, EV motorists can plan their routes using the Zap Map website and App. With all public charging points and a route planning facility it makes planning an EV journey simple and should give you confidence in your ability to keep your EV on the road.

The need to extend the charging network, and quickly, is illustrated by the fact that it’s expected that by 2020, only two years away, there will be one million EV on our roads; that means a six-fold increase in charging points over the next two years.

One of the largest players in the charger market is Chargemaster and Chief Executive, David Martell is upbeat about the future, “Electric and hybrid car buyers can rest assured that the charging infrastructure to support these vehicles will keep pace with the electric car market itself, as we will deploy thousands of home, workplace and public charging points over the coming years”.

“The biggest driver of electric car take-up will be consumer choice, and the array of new models on display at this year’s big Motor Shows means the market is about to explode.

“Within the next few years, several hundred electric models will be available, with plug-in variants of every type of vehicle, and almost every individual model, and we’ll be ready”.

So, that should herald the end of range anxiety and the beginning of economic, green motoring for us all.

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