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Changes to the Driving Test

Changes to the Driving Test

By Swansway Motor Group 24-11-2017


Changes to the UK Driving Test take effect on 4th December 2017. What’s different for all budding new drivers? Take a look

Changes to the UK Driving Test Dec 2017 - Are You Ready?

Changes to the UK Driving Test are afoot for all budding new drivers! If you’re set to take your practical test on or after the 4th December 2017, it will be slightly different.

Your driving instructor should have already prepared you for the the changes, but if not, don’t worry, Swansway Group is here to talk you through what’s new.

DVLA Leaflet

What’s New?

So, what was wrong with the old test? The UK Driving Test doesn’t need fixing and anyone who has ever passed will still be qualified to drive on our roads. The test just needs updating to include newer technology.

Driving Test Sat Nav

The independent driving part of the test will double to around 20 minutes and now includes a section where drivers will have to follow directions from a pre-programmed sat nav provided by the examiner. If you’re a technophobe, you won’t have to worry about pressing the correct buttons!

One in five candidates will be asked to follow road signs instead of instructions from a sat nav.

In either case, you won’t be marked down for making a wrong turn, as long as you do it safely.

What’s Gone?

After changes to the UK Driving Test, you’ll no longer be asked to reverse around a corner.

And the dreaded turning in the road to face the opposite direction or three-point turn will also be scrapped.

Girl passing driving testInstead, you’ll be tested on one of three reversing manoeuvres which will include:

  • parallel street parking
  • pulling into a parking bay and reversing out, or reversing into a parking bay and driving out
  • Pulling up on the right hand side of a road and reversing two car lengths before moving back into the flow of traffic

You’ll also be asked to:

  • carry out a normal stop at the side of the road
  • pull out from behind a parked vehicle


  • execute a hill start

You may also have to perform an Emergency Stop.

Driving Examiner's Notes

Questions, Questions…

During the test, you’ll have to answer two questions:

A Tell Me question will be asked before moving off in the car. For example, ‘How would you check that your lights are working?’ or ‘How would you check the engine coolant level?’

A Show Me question will be asked during the driving section of the test where you will have to demonstrate how to perform a task, such as washing the windscreen or activating the demister.

Find out more about changes to the UK Driving Test here.

Ripping up the L PlateRemember to keep on going through the test, even if you think you’ve done something wrong. The pass mark hasn’t changed - you’re still allowed up to 15 minor faults, and the examiner will only stop the test if they think it’s unsafe to continue.

Good luck in your driving test! We look forward to welcoming you (and your new licence) to pick your first car at one of our local Swansway Group dealerships.

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