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Celebrating St George and English Motoring

Celebrating St George and English Motoring


Swansway Group reflect on the best of England's automotive offerings in honour of St. George's day! Let us know which car is your favourite

On the 23rd April each year, we celebrate St George and all things English

With this in mind, it seems fitting that we reflect on the best of England’s Automotive offerings.

Whether you love a cup of tea, dine out on Chicken Tikka Masala, appreciate impeccable politeness, or enjoy turning up the Beetles on Sounds of the Sixties, there’s always one thing that you can’t argue with… we make a jolly good car!

And so in honour of St. Georges Day, let’s count down our top 5, starting with none other than…

  1. The McLaren P1

This 903bhp hybrid hyper car is regarded as one of the most rewarding cars to drive.

It’s been described as a vehicle that possess velocity, technical achievement and everyday driveability all in one. The McLaren has been known to drive so impeccably that it almost seems like a waste to drive on the public roads and that it’s a machine most at home on a circuit track when it’s set to ‘race mode!’

All in all it’s a car that clearly deserves to be up there as one of the best.

  1. The Range Rover

When you think of the quintessential English car, it’s difficult to ignore the legend that is the Range Rover.

As we enters its 43rd year on the road, the longevity of this unforgettable design is certainly something to be impressed by. The Ranger Rover 4x4 continues to be an unmistakable as ever and is said to be one of the very best luxury cars you can buy for all round satisfaction.

The latest version of Land Rover’s full-size Range Rover, this time equipped with a new aluminium monocoque to enhance comfort, refinement and handling has been praised as driving with the fluidity of a limousine!

  1. The Jaguar E-Type

An absolutely stunning classic, first created back in the 1960’s the Jaguar E-Type has been stated as a beauty of a time traveller.

When it was first created, the E-type came to epitomise a lot of what was great about the English motor industry at the time; it looked sensational, was exceptional value and its performance made it something of a forerunner to the supercar.

A marvel on the roads and simply stunning to look at let alone drive, the Jaguar E-Type has truly earned its place in England’s Top 5 cars.

  1. The McLaren F1

McLaren is so good it’s featured in our list twice, but this time it’s the F1!

The key component to making the vehicle one of the best cars England has ever produced is the speed, unbelievably this vehicle has been driven beyond 210mph- however the everyday practicality of this car is also a pleasure as it is a car that is both simple and enjoyable to drive slowly.

The general verdict of this magnificent machinery is that people have stated that no matter how often you drive it or how skilled you are, it will always be capable of showing you something undiscovered and surprising every time you drive it which is why we have ranked it in 2nd place!

  1. The Original MINI :

First introduced in the late fifties, the original MINI has officially been voted the best car to ever be manufactured in Britain!

The Mini is most certainly among the most iconic cars, and has quite driven to stardom as a symbol of pop culture.

Originally designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, the MINI became an instant sensation when launched in 1959. It has been featured in films and television productions globally, and is an iconic English symbol.

Let us know your favourite English car in the comments below!

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