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Cars Under £200 a Month

Cars Under £200 a Month

By Swansway Motor Group 10-10-2019


Looking for a car that fits your monthly budget? Here's a selection that come in at under £200 a month.

What cars can you buy on a £200 a month budget?

It's always important to stick to your budget, whether buying your weekly shop, a laptop or a car; so, we've done the hard work for you, finding new cars to suit a budget of £200 a month and you may well be surprised at the choice including a wide range of smaller SUV models, estate cars and a very iconic little Italian number too!

With almost 20 cars to choose from, we've broken them down into bodystyles to help you choose the one that suits your lifestyle:

SUV under £200 a month

You may be surprised at the range of SUV you can consider with a £200 a month budget, from the funky to the elegant, there's plenty of choice:

  • Volkswagen T-Cross
  • Honda H-RV

Volkswagen T-Cross

The latest addition to the VW range of SUV, the Volkswagen T-Cross is the most compact, but that doesn't prevent it packing a punch!

Full of fun, with a funky twist the T-Cross is deceptively spacious and packed with enough tech to please the geekiest of us. it's a head-turne and made more so by the eye-catching colour range and tail light which straddles the entire hatchback.

If you want everything an SUV can offer, but without feeling that you're driving a large vehicle then take a look at the fablous VW T-Cross; we think you'll be glad you did.

Turquoise blue green metallic VW T-Cross with beautiful sunset

Explore VW T-Cross offers

Honda H-RV

Beautifully built, stylish and extremely practical the Honda H-RV is a great choice for a small SUV. It's tough,dynamic and contemporary styling, gives it a sporty profile, with the recessed and hidden door handles hinting at the coupe beneath!

Bursting with all the latest technology, the Honda H-RV also boasts Honda's innovative Magic Seats and a massive 470 lite capacity boot; perfect for the whole family.

Silver Honda H-RV SUV driving down road from right to leftExplore Honda H-RV offers

Hatchbacks under £200 a month

The perennial favourite, the hatchback comes in may sizes amd many guises and plemty of them are available for a £200 a month budget.

  • Honda Jazz
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • SEAT Ibiza
  • Citroën C1
  • Peugeot 108
  • Peugeot 208

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo never loses its appeal, marrying together, as it does, many of the beloved qualities of its big brother, the perennial Golf, but with lower insurance and less expensive running costs.

What’s not to love? The VW Polo is a good-looking car, it seems to ooze quality and class and there can be few small cars that are better built or have more road presence than the Polo.

White Volkswagen Polo whizzing along a country laneCheck out our VW Polo offers

Citroën C1

If you’re looking for brilliant in-car entertainment, a touch of funkiness and French joie de vivre, then look no further. The Citroën C1 offers not only exceptionally low running costs, but also boasts a fantastic colour touchscreen entertainment system – TouchDrive - which links with your smartphone.

Its one litre engine means a low insurance group, no matter what your age, and with personalisation flourishes at your fingertips, you can make this pocket rocket all your own.

Citroen C1 car under £150 per month

Check out Citroën C1 Offers

Honda Jazz

The latest Honda Jazz has all the relaibility you'd expect from Honda, as well as the magnificent Magic Seats which make this little hatchback far more versatile than some of its larger rivals. Stylish, spacious and safe, the Jazz is an exceptional small hatchback which offers much more than its size would suggest. 

Silver Honda Jazz parked side on by a beach

Explore Honda Jazz offers

SEAT Ibiza SE 

Small, but exquisitely formed, that's the SEAT Ibiza. If you want to make a statement in a car that not only looks great, but is packed with allthe latest technology, then the SEAT Ibiza could be just what you're looking for. Full of Spanish sexiness the Ibiza is good-looking and will give you a fun driving experience whilst still taking care of the pennies in your pocket.

Red SEAT Ibiza on continental cobbled street

Explore SEAT Ibiza offers

Peugeot 108

Peugeot are artists when it comes to producing small cars which ooze style and class and the latest Peugeot 108 is no exception. Yes, it is super-compact, perfect for an urban lifestyle, but, it manages to feel much larger than it is, 

Good things do come in small packages and the chic and elegant Peugeot 108 proves that you can have it all!

Burnt orange metallic Peugeot 108 on a European street


Peugeot 208

Maintaining the Peugeot tradition of elegant styling coupled with cutting edge tech, the Peugeot 208 doesn't disappoint. It has understated and elegant good-looks, but hidden beneath its serene exterior is all the latest tech which makes this car such a delight!

Get behind the wheel and find out why the 208 is such a popular choice for those who love style with plenty of substance. Red orange coloured Peugeot 208 driving through countryside


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