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Oceans 5

Oceans 5


We all love an exciting movie be it Oceans 11 or 12 or the fantastical gadgets and gizmos on James Bond’s cars. Combine the two and you’ve got ocean-going cars! We look at 5 of these crazy cars.

James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car made us all wonder if the way forward was a car that could turn into a boat at the flick of a switch! It’s certainly one way of getting around a closed motorway or long tailback!

So, let’s take a look at how you could dodge the traffic jams!

James Bond Lotus Esprit

Roger Moore, was the perfect Bond, suave and urbane and in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and as he drove of the jetty into the med, he didn’t flinch as his Lotus Esprit morphed seamlessly into a submarine.

James Bond Lotus Esprit under water

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen Type 166

During WW11 Volkswagen took its existing military off-road vehicle and introduced it to the front crawl! To be fair it was more like a sedate doggy paddle but it resulted in the Type 166, probably the only amphibious car to have ever been built in any great numbers.

Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen

Gibbs Aquada

Truly the car for the person who has everything! Gibbs make high speed amphibious vehicles and the Aquada is a real triumph. Going at 100mph on land and 30mph on water, fast enough to tow a water skier, the Aquada is a genuine car or is it a boat or a car…

Gibbs Aquada car boat coming out of the sea

Wooden Ferrari F50

Venice may have banned cars but that didn’t stop Venetian sculptor, Livio de Marchi, who has carved a number of car boats including the iconic VDub Beetle, before deciding to build a replica of a Ferrari F50, powered by a Yamaha boat engine.

Wooden Ferrari F50 in Venice

Rinspeed Splash

Why have a car that turns into a boat, when you can have a car that turns into a hydrofoil! With a group of collaborators Rinspeed have produced perhaps the most exceptional car you’ll every see on the sea!

Rinspeed Splash water car on the ocean

5 Cars that turn into boats:

  • Rinspeed Splash
  • Gibbs Aquada
  • Wooden Ferrari F50
  • Volkswagen Schwimmwagen
  • James Bond Louts Esprit submarine